‘Sleeping On Strangers On The Subway’: The Social Experiment That Brought Smiles To NYC (Video)

by Lauren Martin

What would you do if a man fell asleep on your shoulder on the subway? Would you let him stay there? Would you move him away, for fear of lice or any other disease? It's a difficult question to answer, and something you may not know until presented with the situation.

With the recent popularity of the heartwarming photo of the man who let a stranger sleep on his shoulder for over half an hour, it seemed like a prime opportunity to test out the human condition. This video shows the honest portrayal of people in the subway and how good (and sometimes bad) mankind really is.

To be fair, they probably should have chosen someone who didn't look homeless or like his beard could be infested with fleas...

Check out the photo that started it all.

H/T: Viral Viral Videos, Top Photo Courtesy Of: YouTube