5 Reasons We Should All Embrace The Tendency To Make Mistakes

by Samantha Lebbos

Growing up we were taught to not make mistakes. We were taught to “think twice,” “sleep on it” and reevaluate every decision we come to.

As I grew older, I realized that I shouldn’t be so scared to make mistakes. Why? I don’t f*cking care as much as I used to. Why? No one else gives two sh*ts about what you do as long as it doesn’t involve him.

I came to another realization: There is absolutely not one person who is “perfect” in this world, only perfect to certain people (like those who love you for who you are).

Now, in my 20s, I have concluded that the best part of life is making mistakes and failing. Most people are so hard on themselves when it comes to doing something wrong accidentally.

Stress on your body is something we’ve known to be a terrible emotion, and as well all know, stress leads to pimples in the shape of constellations on our faces and bags under our eyes.

Yes, I can be a perfectionist at times, and yes, if something doesn’t go my way, I’ll fall back and be upset over it. In the end, however, there is a lot that comes of making a mistake, whether it’s in a relationship, work choice, everyday decision, change or otherwise.

Here are five reasons why I enjoy making mistakes:

With learning comes growth

How are you supposed to learn if you don’t try something new? I might have been indecisive about a decision and ultimately picked the least rational choice, but I came up with a solution to the problem that came along with my choice.

It doesn’t matter what it is you taught yourself because you are expanding your knowledge, and knowledge is a beautiful resource. As you mature, having a meaningful conversation with someone connects you more than physical appearance.

It's nice to have a good conversation with someone, even a stranger. Try it.

You'll mold yourself in to the person you want to be

Yes, I jumped the gun on that relationship and completely wanted nothing more than to be alone in the end because I lost myself, but that’s fine because I now know exactly what I want in the next person I give my heart to.

Yes, I completely trusted a friend too soon and got screwed over because I gave too much, but that’s okay, too. I still have my other five close friends who will stick with me through thick and thin (thank you). I now know I am capable of giving someone something he or she never had, even if it was taken advantage of.

You'll become a professional enlightener

What’s more invigorating than enlightening another person about your personal experiences? More importantly, you are teaching someone about “mistakes” that he or she can learn from, too.

Giving advice is a beautiful skill. Help a friend out; teach and assure someone that with time, everything will be better.

You discover different ways to go about things

There is no better feeling than discovering new and innovative ways to go about a problem. I love that feeling when you are excited to explore new ways to find a solution to anything.

Being open-minded is a way for you to open new paths to anything the world has to offer. Keep that mind racing; a body at rest stays at rest.

With failure comes success

Failing is such a sh*tty feeling. No one likes to fail because we have been taught that failing is a bad thing. Well, guess what? Fail all you want, as long as you learn from it.

If you don’t learn from your mistakes, you'll have more regrets; you won’t grow as a person and you won't create more ideas. I am positive that inventors have failed many times before coming out with the right product.

I am also positive that athletes weren’t born naturals. Okay, maybe they were, but you know what they say: "Practice makes perfect.”

Making mistakes shouldn’t be something people look down upon. Behind every mistake is a significant meaning. Go out and make irrational decisions, feel confused about a situation or step away from your natural element.

Fail at something; with every mistake comes a new lesson to be learned and with every lesson comes knowledge. Don’t feel bad about making the wrong decision.

You made that choice for a reason. Also, don’t listen to anyone when it comes to making your own choices. It’s your life. Keep in mind: Make as many mistakes as you want, just not the same ones over and over again.

Photo Courtesy: We Heart It