Most People Will Love You And Some Will Hate You — Why None Of It Matters

People matter... sort of.

It’s a fine balance we keep between being ourselves and giving into the wants, likes and preferences of others. Throughout our lives, people influence us in ways both large and small.

In passing, people may affect our moods, our simplest of actions and decisions; however, those who have a greater influence on us have the ability to change our entire perspective on life.

The unfortunate truth is that people don’t often influence us in a positive manner. In fact, most people will have a negative, poisonous effect on you.

Most people will make your life worse, make it more miserable and taint the intrinsic beauty of it all. Most people you come across in life will make your life more difficult.

This isn’t a pessimistic way of viewing the world; it’s simply the reality that we live in. Accept this truth and you can overcome the obstacles these individuals throw your way.

If you’re doing a good job, there will always be haters.

You can never make everyone happy. Even when you’re a crowd-pleaser, you’ll still come across those individuals who feel the need to throw some hatred your way.

There wasn’t a single person in history who was not hated by at least one individual in his or her life. Not Jesus. Not Moses. Not Buddha. Not Gandhi. Not the Notorious B.I.G., Beyoncé, Derek Jeter, J.K. Rowling, the nun at your church or the garbage man that passes your block two to three times a week.

There has never lived an individual – nor will there ever live an individual – who has not come across hate at least once in his or her life. Most people face hatred and negativity every single day of their lives, many of them remaining oblivious to the fact.

People will pick apart and criticize both you and your work from the day you are born until the day you die.

As human beings, we are incredibly judgmental. This most basic of evolutionary traits morphed into another beast entirely, the second we started interacting with one another and we realized that we aren’t the center of the universe.

We became hateful the second we realized that although we can only perceive through our own eyes, others just like us exist.

We started hating one another the second we understood that we aren’t as special as we thought we were, that we have competition, rivals aiming to accomplish the same things that we want to accomplish.

Hatred was born the minute we created the first winner and loser.

Most of the hatred thrown your way is less a reflection of your work and more a reflection of the issues people are battling with themselves.

There are, of course, many good reasons to hate someone. Well, there really is only one – when someone sends hatred your way first.

I was never a believer of turning the other cheek because doing so leaves the assailant unscathed and you with a numb face. Hoping that someone learns the error of his or her ways after your demise is foolish.

If someone is doing you wrong, then you have a duty to make that person realize it.

Most people hate because they can’t compete.

Because they can’t win, because they can’t beat you, they will take away your glory in whatever way they can.

They will belittle you, your hard work, your dedication, creativity, your accomplishments and your victories just so that they can convince themselves that they aren’t the useless garbage that they are.

Those that can’t do, teach – or so the saying goes. Those that can’t do either do their best to ruin it for everyone else.

People don’t hate other people because they find something in those individuals worthy of such a horrible status.

People hate other people because it’s the easiest way to cope with their failures and insufficiencies.

They failed and because they believe themselves to be the greatest thing ever to set foot on this planet, those who succeeded must be using some sort of sorcery to get ahead. At the end of the day, only you yourself matter – everyone else can be removed from your life.

But not you. You’re stuck with you until the day you die. You may as well learn to love and appreciate yourself, flaws and all, because you have to face the person you are every single day.

I often feel that hating others is our favorite distraction – especially in an age when getting distracted is so readily available.

We are unhappy with our lives, unhappy with what we have turned ourselves into, and the only way to rid ourselves of this frustration – or rather, the only way to numb the pain – is to destroy.

We are animals who are often too intelligent for our own good. Or, in reality, not quite intelligent enough.

You are going to live your life from one perspective and one perspective alone: your perspective.

No matter how much you imagine or wish to walk in another’s shoes, you’re stuck wearing your own from now until the end.

You cannot allow others to bring you down because, by doing so, you are allowing them to come out on top. By hating you, they hope to weaken you, hope to make you falter and break.

Thankfully, you are smarter and stronger than that. You can see the game they are trying to get you to play and all you need to do to really stick it to them is to continue on your way and pay them no attention.

If you want to hurt someone, truly hurt someone, then all you need to do is pretend that person doesn’t exist. There is nothing man fears more than holding absolutely no importance.

Show the people who hate that they are invisible to you and they will either break or will move on to another target.

Photo Courtesy: Flickr/ Noël Wells

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