Doing What You Love Is Only Possible When You Stop Making Excuses

by Brian Lawrence

Too many people have dreams but fall prey to the belief that they can’t accomplish them. It may be that they don’t have the equipment they want, the money they think they need or they have not yet been introduced to the right people.

However, these are all just excuses people make to justify not wanting to get uncomfortable in the process of making possible something they truly desire.

Stop Putting Off Things You Claim You Want To Do

This is one time you definitely don’t want to procrastinate. The moment you decide you want to do or to attain something, make a move — no matter how small it is — to start working toward the goal.

Once you start waiting, it’ll only get easier and easier to push off chasing your dreams for later. Procrastination doesn't turn goals into realities.

If You Don’t Have It, You Didn’t Really Want It

If you’ve wanted something for a period of time, don’t yet have it and aren’t any closer to getting it, you won’t be able to convince anyone that you ever really wanted it.

People understand that they must do what they have to, need to and can do to get something they want. They also understand that they need to be patient and keep putting in the work, no matter how slow the progress is for attaining something desirable.

You See Opportunities But Pay Them No Attention

Every single day, opportunities fly right past you; it’s just a matter of being able to acknowledge them. Too many of us fail to understand that every single occurrence is an opportunity. Whether the situation looks good or bad, there is a way to shift it to your advantage and inch closer toward achieving a goal.

So, start being more appreciative of the things that piss you off and understand that amidst the annoyances, you have amazing opportunities for greatness before you.

You Need To Make The First Move Before Life Puts Out

Don’t think that life will send things your way unless you put in the effort; it will send back whatever you do in it, in spades, so long as you do your part.

Whether you want to sit down on the couch and watch TV or go out and work toward becoming the richest person in the world, once you start making moves toward your goal, life will follow suit.

Too many people make too many excuses for not being able to make things happen the way they want them to happen. Generally, though, these are the same people who play the victim card whenever they “can’t catch a break.”

They get jealous when they see other people who press hard after their goals, making progress. Know that it doesn’t matter how small of an advance you make; small is always better than nothing. Any move toward your goal is more than good enough because it is forward-moving and productive.

Stop making excuses and start making moves. You’re only waiting for yourself.

Photo via We Heart It