3 Tips To Remove The Shackles From Your Life And Live Wild And Free

by Joshua Eferighe

Why do we think certain things aren’t obtainable?

Where was it written in stone, in what class was it taught and when was the law passed stating the world in front of us is not our to grab?

I’m almost positive no such statute exists, yet time and time again, I see beliefs held as constants that somehow your life — and everything pertaining to it — has limits.

This tragic epidemic has plagued the minds of too many.

I’m no revolutionary, nor do I have a top-secret truth serum to open the eyes of the afflicted.

What I do have, however, are realities that anyone can use, understand and even revisit, that will help take off any limits hindering them from seeing there is a bigger world out there, waiting for our touch.

Say Yes

Every time I visualize the places I want to go, the things I want to do and goals I aspire to accomplish, a singular word surfaces at the tip of my brain, each time, without fail: yes.

Yes is decisive. Yes is proactive. Yes is the first step — a conscious step — forward in the direction you want to be.

When you say yes to the possibilities of your mind and aspirations of your heart, you immediately remove any boundary, doorway and all other limits that previously would have stood in your way.

Saying yes cancels out no, alleviating the doubt and all dead ends to which our minds love relapsing.

Do not let yourself believe in impossibilities, rather, let yourself buy into the belief that anything is possible.

If we let it, our minds will rule out the possibility of going where we’ve never gone and doing what we’ve never done without even giving us a chance to give it a try. Take the first step and say yes.

See Past Your Surroundings

I've recently encountered several individuals whose modes of thinking frustrated me.

Simple things, like traveling multiple times a year, going to music festivals or going on road trips were all activities met with excuses.

Excuses relative to their jobs, excuses relative to their finances and sometimes, just excuses based on the mere fact they couldn’t see how it could be done.

It was almost as if they wouldn’t let themselves leave their current predicaments.

They let their everyday responsibilities jail them in a prison of a reality that only lets them out on weekends and weeknights. Life is bigger than that.

Later, I came to understand that individuals who don’t seek more out of life, or who don’t even try to envision more out of life, are usually individuals who have never seen more of life.

Whether through friends or family, if we don’t know people like us who do those types of things — like backpacking through Europe, moving to a new city to chase a dream, or even dream at all —, doing so becomes harder to realize.

The key to living a life bigger than the one in front of us is obtaining a balance of perspective.

We can get very complacent with the types of people we allow in our lives, which inevitably exposes us to the mindsets that don’t challenge our own.

But, when we reach out to the diverse group of individuals around us — individuals who, much like ourselves, possess a small, yet different perspective to life —, it can help open our eyes to things we have never seen and take us to places we have never been.

Now, that’s how you go places.

Make It Happen

The difference between someone perusing and living the life he or she wants to live and someone who isn't are the steps taken to make it happen.

Saying yes and believing you can are the first steps to going places and doing things, but applying, planning and discipline are how you make it happen.

After deciding to pursue something — whether it is changing jobs, going on a cruise or attending a red carpet event — you then have to take ownership in planning out how to reach that goal.

You must set a timetable, budget accordingly and execute with precision.

It’s not a matter of making a certain dollar amount, having the time or leaving friends and family behind and not knowing how to go about planning trip in a foreign land.

It’s about deciding you deserve to see your favorite band play live; it’s about knowing you can indeed make a new home in the city; it's about planning and researching how to backpack.

Living a life without limits is about more than doing the unordinary.

It’s about more than having as much fun as you want, with whom you want and living where you've always wanted to live. Living a life without limits means understanding the control you have over your life.

We can dictate far more than we think.

What you see is not what you get. The environment you grew up in is not where your loyalty lies and leaving home is not a reprehensible offense.

Go do what you’ve always wanted to do because the world needs some living and it won’t wait for you to star