Increasing Your Coefficient Of Optimism: Why Willing Good Things Will Bring Good Things


Many people have never heard about the coefficient of optimism. It’s a concept based in trust, in the confidence that everything will be okay, that you are the best, smartest and cutest, that you are the one who makes everything better. In other words, the coefficient of optimism is self-confidence.

Have you ever wondered why certain people seem to get everything right? The ones who drive into a full lot but find a prime parking spot immediately. When they travel, there are no hiccups — no lost luggage, flight delays or even turbulence.

Meanwhile, many other people seem to get the opposite end of the situation. They never find parking. When they travel, their luggage gets stolen and the hotel reservations lost.

Well. All of these things relate to the coefficient of optimism. Astronauts must pass several tests to measure their optimism coefficient. It makes sense; imagine going into space with an astronaut who is always making comments about how dangerous space is and how death may be imminent.

The book, “The Secret” communicates a lot about the optimism coefficient. The book is basically about how your focused mind attracts everything. If you broke your leg and must walk with crutches, you’ll probably start to see more people on crutches. Pregnant women tend to notice a higher concentration of other pregnant women.

This happens because our minds only see what we want them to see. If we think about white cars, then we will see a lot of white cars on the road. If we think about black cars, we will see a lot of black cars.

It’s easy to take advantage of this ability of our brains — focus on the positive things. Upon choosing to focus optimistically, you will begin to see good things. So train your brain accordingly. Train it to believe that things will fall into place, brightly. If you must face adversity, visualize yourself succeeding in the hardship ahead.

It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy — once your mind starts to work this way, you will create a habit of positivity. Once you have this confidence in yourself, your skills and your knowledge, your chances of success will multiply. And, more importantly, you will be happier.

Photo via Bxuh Tumblr