Why Good Things Happen To People Who Are Comfortable With Themselves

by Garrett Potts

I cherish being around people who are totally comfortable with who they are. There always seems to be an aura of love and acceptance that follows these folks around.

I think it’s because they’ve figured out one of the biggest secrets to life: The possibility of being loved and accepted grows exponentially when we can truly say we couldn’t be more comfortable with ourselves.

People like being around those who are comfortable with themselves because they’re less threatening. We all feel the need to protect ourselves from threats aimed at our insecurities.

Insecurities are like open wounds, and it hurts when people poke at them.

It can be exhausting to hang around folks who constantly poke at us just to gain some kind of external validation through making everyone else feel smaller.

My favorite thing about people who are comfortable with themselves is they need no external validation.

They have discovered their worth is intrinsic and, by nature, something that cannot be taken away or added to based on what other people think.

Ironically enough, this ends up providing comfortable people with more external validation than those who feel they need it most.

Because comfortable people’s worth comes from within, they see no point in tearing others down. To them, the only sensible way to speak about another is positively.

I guess when you realize your worth comes from within, you might as well build others up rather than tear them down, since their size is of no threat to your sense of self-worth.

Plus, it’s a lot more fun to speak love to others and watch their eyes glow than it is to hurt someone’s feelings for a cheap laugh, anyway.

When we become comfortable with ourselves through fully accepting who we are, we can silence the noise our insecurities make in public situations and become more attuned to the wonderful reality that unfolds before us.

We can fearlessly be the playful and goofy people we are, we’ll miss less beautiful moments because we won’t be stuck inside of our heads and we’ll make more beautiful-minded friends, thanks to the law of attraction.

I’ll end this one with a story. My best bud in school was a guy named Tommy. In high school, there was “the cool crowd" and then there was Tommy. He was classified in his own vertical as “The King of Cool.”

I don’t think anyone ever really questioned that he was the coolest kid in school, but he never once tried to be the coolest, like all the others did.

There was one distinguishing factor that made him cooler than everyone else in high school: Tommy never once failed to make others feel loved because he was totally comfortable with himself.

Since high school, I’ve watched from a distance as a lot of the cool crowd lost what made them cool, but Tommy is still “The King of Cool,” and I don’t think this will ever change.

There is nothing more fun than being the kind of person who allows others to feel like they can drop their guards and let go of their insecurities.

A person like Tommy, who is comfortable with himself, not only changes his own world for the better, but also gives an abundance of love and acceptance to those around him.

By doing so, Tommy and others like him can heal people’s insecurities and show the rest of the world how to be comfortable with themselves, too.

The result is a world with fewer insecurities. To me, that sounds like a better world.