Why You Must Know Your Self-Worth To Realize What You Truly Deserve

by Matt Green

The perception of our self-worth is a driving force in almost every life situation. I believe so many people either give themselves too much credit or not enough when it comes to acknowledging their self-worth.

Rarely do we see people who truly understand and acknowledge the strengths, weaknesses, faults and flaws that make them exactly who they are.

Knowing your self-worth and "what you bring to the table" is incredibly vital in relationships, jobs, friendships and life in general.

We are constantly growing and maturing. How I acted and perceived other people a year ago is nowhere near how I view the world now.

I understand the whole "don't care what other people think" concept, but it's important to listen to what others have to say without their opinions 100 percent dictating how you live your life.

Not caring what other people think should matter when it comes to things like who your friends are, which hobbies you enjoy or how you want to dress.

However, if a lot of people say you're not that great of a person, well, chances are… they're right. Let's discuss those who give themselves too much credit — or the "breadsticks made of bullsh*t people." As human beings, it's extremely important to have confidence in yourself at all times.

It's difficult to bridge the gap between how we view ourselves and how others view us. However, there is nothing attractive or admirable about someone who feels deserving of the world, when in reality, he or she has done nothing to contribute to the world.

Some people treat others poorly but feel deserving of respect and recognition.

Well, I feel there are only two reasons why people give themselves too much credit: 1) They know the truth about who they are, but try to fool others, or 2) they are flat-out ignorant and truly believe in the qualities they fabricated about themselves and their images.

They blame their struggles — or lack of respect — on outside sources, rather than how they carry and conduct themselves.

These people will eventually realize that whom they believe themselves to be isn't exactly what everyone else sees. For some people, it will click almost instantly, but for others, it will take repetitive gusts of wind to knock them from their pedestals.

Then, there are the people who, unfortunately, don't give themselves enough credit. These people have lower self-esteem, don't believe in their abilities and talents and are, usually, afraid to step out of their comfort zones.

The problem with these types of people is that they don't realize what they deserve in life. They settle for significant others who treat them poorly and with no respect because they feel like no one else would supply any interest.

The select few people who are true to themselves are the ones who get what they want and what they deserve. It's the fine line of being simultaneously confident and humble.

The keyword here is "true." It's much better to be hated for being truthful than to be liked for telling a falsehood.

For example, I would respect someone much more who owns being a complete jerk than someone who wears a mask and then takes it off, eventually showing his or her true colors.

Learning your self-worth is something that takes time. Also, just because you know your self-worth doesn't necessarily mean you believe it or believe you deserve the same from someone else.

As I said before, we are constantly growing, and our perceptions on life, people, humanity and relationships can change.

It's all about taking a step back before sitting down, tucking in your napkin and realizing what meal you brought to the bountiful dinner table that we call life.

Photo Courtesy: We Heart It