Fight For What's Yours: 5 Ways To Live The Life You Love

Life is simple when you regard it with the right attitude. There's really just one question that truly matters: What do you want?

And there couldn't be any better time to answer that question than now, solely because there is no other time but now.

Spending time creating plans for the future, developing ideas for your own success or singling out your aspirations and aligning them in an order of importance are all great habits that belong to each and every visionary; however, they wouldn't mean a thing without the vision attached to them.

You have the right and the chance — you only need the ambition — to get the life you've always dreamt of. It won't necessarily be easy, but it is possible.

Many people give up long before they even realize what is it they truly aspire to be, have or share with someone.

Thus, they settle in the false warmth of the security that comes from staying within their comfort zones. Your comfort zone imprisons you in a monotonous rhythm of routines and steals the true joy from within you.

Over time, it is replaced with a form of resignation that sooner or later fills you with a sense of apathy toward life.

Paradoxically, some people do find their passions, what drives them to put in the extra effort and walk the extra mile, but instead they crawl back to the path walked by many.

They are opposed to creating paths of their own and leaving behind a trace to inspire the next generations.

They take a glimpse of the future of their dreams and with that caption in mind, they turn back around and walk toward the crowd to blend in.

What they don't realize, however, is this one glimpse will remain in their memories and will occasionally come back to haunt their minds.

It will be a reminder of their inability to make that first step and seize all that they have ever truly desired.


There is one tricky part about chasing your dreams that people rarely mention: They change. They change the same way we do because time changes everything. And, it's okay to have a change of heart.

We are simply human beings, each of us getting lost, heartbroken or tired from time to time.

The Internet gives us a thousand images of how the perfect life looks on a daily basis. You can easily spot the perfect wife, the perfect job, the perfect car or the perfect destination for your next holiday.

What we don't realize is the extra pressure we're put under because we find ourselves wanting everything and wanting it at this very moment.

But, is this really what we want or is this what the media is manipulating us to think we want? Never underestimate the power of a good commercial and never forget there's a hint of fabrication or a touch of Photoshop in all these photos that flood the Internet.

They deliberately give you thoughts of running away from your life and jumping in someone else's shoes. And, even if they are a pair of Jimmy Choos or Timberlands, they might not be your size.

The point is, don't stop searching for what makes you happy until you find it. And if it changes, search again.

Keep up with the world outside, but don't lose connection with the world within you. Remain focused on your life because that's your top priority and follow your gut, even if your ambitions sound unrealistic to others.

Stand behind your ideas.

Instead of masking our differences in appearances, thought or interests, we should embrace them.

They are exactly what make us valuable as individuals. Each of us represents a unique personality and as a whole, we are the manifestation of freedom of thought.

Don't abandon your values and ideas if they sound crazy to someone else. Don't change yourself just so you can fit into someone else's criteria.

We weren't created to be all the same or to obtain the same roles and functions in life. It's time each and every one of us found his or her role and thrived.

Learn to fail.

As many of you will probably know by now, the path to fulfilling your ambitions involves many unsuccessful attempts, uncooperative people and approximately a thousand different drafts of résumés, cover letters and prepared speeches — all of them doomed to fail.

But, here's the good part: The more you fail, the more you learn that "no" means "try again." The more you try, the closer you get to finding the perfect job for you.

There's always that one person you didn't get a chance to be with or that one company you didn't get the chance to be part of.

But, when you finally find a person to complete you and a job that fits your values and ideas, you get to see what the puzzle looks like without the missing pieces.

When you find the right person or job, none of those failures will matter anymore because you will have found a place you belong to — a place where you are needed.

It will be exactly for the person you are and not for some artificial version of yourself.

Practice is perfection.

Remember the struggle and become a stronger person. Even better, use the struggle to motivate other people and inspire them to walk further in their pursuit of making their dreams come true.

Make an adventure of your difficulties and share it with others. Stay humble and helpful.

Create a life that's worth sharing. Take a break when you need and enjoy the results of your struggle, but don't allow yourself to fall in the trap of laziness.

Laziness is the biggest enemy of success, and it promptly destroys all efforts, talents and creativity.

Once a fighter, always a fighter.

There is really no other option to succeed in life. When time is always running ahead, we need to try and run alongside, even if the wind is blowing in our faces, stealing our hats or bringing us thunderstorms.

We need to remain fighters with a clear mission in our mind: To pursue whatever it is that brings us happiness and makes us better people.

Time may never stop, but it is also time that shapes us to be masters of what we do. Time and the endless hours spent in repetition, testing and evolving makes the impossible possible.

We can prove to ourselves that we are capable of anything as long as we set our hearts on it.

In no time, a defeat will only mean one step closer to success, a dead end will only motivate you to try harder, and happiness will become an everyday companion when your job is not simply an obligation, but the love of your life.