There Are Only 5 Differences Between You And Someone Who Is Successful

by Paul Hudson

A lot of people in this world manage to pull off becoming successful. However, it should come as no surprise that a whopping majority of individuals do absolutely nothing with their lives.

When considering "success," you have to be careful of how you define the term. Success means different things for different people, but as a general definition, success is measured from where a person starts to where a person is currently standing.

Expectations aside, how far you’ve progressed in your life and under which circumstances you’ve managed to create positive change are what decide whether or not you were successful in your endeavors.

You may have failed to reach the goals that you aimed for, but if you made significant progress, it can’t be said that you failed. Sure, you "failed" to hit your mark, but you can’t say you failed overall.

Nevertheless, a relatively minuscule amount of people in the world can be labeled successful. Were some humans born with some innate gift that guarantees their success that you weren’t lucky enough to be born with?

Do they have access to some secret information they’re making sure to keep only to themselves? Are they just smarter or luckier than you are? Absolutely not. There is only one difference between you and all those who manage to make something of themselves: They work harder for longer.

Anything that is possible can be accomplished by you -- how long it will take is another story.

It’s true that different people have different sets of abilities, as well as different IQs and learning/processing speeds. Yet, most of the things we dream of accomplishing are still completely in our reach. Most of what we want to accomplish can be accomplished as long as we stay in pursuit for long enough.

With time, you can do, create and build just about anything you can imagine. With enough repetition of a significant force on a subject, you can literally break any barrier.

The amount of force required to succeed, however, is probably greater than you imagined.

Our current culture gives people the illusion that getting lucky in life is the key to success. We constantly hear of these overnight success stories. Teen creates app that makes him millions. Girl gets discovered and becomes a pop star.

Some guys create a viral video and now have a movie deal. Clueless girl has sex on tape, becomes role model for teenage girls all over the world. It all seems so simple. Be talented, do the necessary work, then wait until you get lucky and ride the wave.

I can’t say that such lucky breaks don’t exist -- because they do. But the chances of that happening to you are no less than they are of you winning the lottery. Yes, some people do get very lucky, but getting very lucky is very rare.

For the rest of us, we can only rely on action -- force and direction. From what I’ve seen, once you have the right direction, there is no such thing as “enough force.” If you can do more, then do more -- it’s as simple as that.

Luck, in reality, is nothing more than opportunity.

Opportunity is created, not found; however, it isn’t entirely created by you. What you can do for yourself is create an opportunity for opportunities to present themselves, to create an opportunity for opportunity. We call this networking.

If you meet the right people and stay in touch with them for long enough for them to approach you with a problem that needs solving, you have yourself an opportunity on your hands. All you need to do is position yourself as a problem solver; they have a problem, you can fix it. You can get the job done and done well.

Everyone’s success story is a bit different.

How long it will take you, what you will have to experience, what you will have to learn, how many times you will have to fail, how difficult life will become before it gets better... it all depends. What it depends on is an array of countless factors, most of which are entirely out of your control.

You can’t possibly know when or how you will become successful until you get to that point down the road. Don’t look at how the next guy or gal made it because the way that you’re going to make it is going to be a bit different -- if not entirely different.

You can learn a lot from other peoples’ success stories, but make sure to keep in mind that yours will likely be very different.

That’s the beauty of it all… you never know what life has in store for you. You don’t know what will happen nor how it will happen, until it happens. The one thing you can bet your life on is that you have a lot of lessons to learn, a lot of failures to get up from, and a lot of surprises to deal with.

Most successful people make it in life because they are relentless. They force themselves to get better, get smarter, get more diligent. They force themselves through all the barriers and unpleasantries. They work harder and they do so for much longer than the average individual -- and that is all they have up on you.

You have what it takes to be successful. Whether or not you will choose to be strong enough to actually do what needs to be done is a different story.

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