Crème de la Crème: Why Rejection Isn't A Waste Of Our Twenties


Try. Fail. Repeat. Achieve.

If only to achieve simply consisted of zeroing in on a goal and hitting a bull’s eye every time just by our efforts, skills and courage. Elders remind us we are young and ensure that these are our years to make what we want of ourselves.

The once-ambitious, now-jaded people are the lapsed, bored ones. The ones who wholeheartedly went after what they want, only to be told no, are left with a lack of enthusiasm and a darker outlook.

Don’t be that guy or girl whose flame has dimmed; they are those who have failed.

That being said, it’s apparent that what we accomplish is based on our willpower to overlook the rejection letters, lack of call backs and everything else we consider a setback. They aren’t setbacks; after all is done, what did not work helps create the outline for a new method.

Old ways can be eliminated, and the game is even better understood if you hold on.

When my last pursuit shattered in front of me, everything else did, too. Getting into my ideal university consumed my life. The school declined my admission for the second time; yet, today, I’m still here.

Acknowledgment of that only took tears of defeat, regret of not balancing academics better with life and embarrassment of proving people right when they said it was a dumb idea. I even gained excess weight from eating my feelings away, meandering around and not knowing what else to do with myself.

The key is to keep moving, whether we know what to do with ourselves or not. Choose interesting skills to master that will move you forward. Wandering a bit helped reveal my remaining options after everything I wanted was taken away.

Surely, rejections wear our tools out, but polish and dust them off. They are our ammunition now, loaded with a wealth of experience and insight. You have gained more resources after you've failed than you had when starting out.

It is as if the loyalty to our greatest aspirations is tested. Do you really want what you wish for if it gets shut down and discarded at first? Can you handle the magnitude of awesomeness you may soon achieve?

Like yin and yang, great achievements come with great failure(s).

Everyone has his or her way of dealing with rejection and methods of regaining inspiration. Quitting my stagnant waitressing job to redirect my goals was my way of getting things on track.

The point is, have big aspirations, protect them and learn how to bounce back because with goals as big as yours, you might get rejected a lot before things start to pan out.

Be nearly excited and ready to fail because it's a strong indication that you are closer to what you want. Always make your comeback.

You reading this article means chances are you are like me, and your dreams scare you, too. It’s petrifying because there are no set directions for our destination. We make decisions based on what we know, but so often, we don’t know.

Midway, we might be alone, and the road may be dark; we wonder what we got ourselves into and scramble for some kind of crutches to carry us through, but sometimes, there aren’t any.

Since the only way out is through, we should maximize on life, target difficult things and then aim a little higher than that. Remember that big things entail big rejections that create big people who don’t give up.

Just don’t give up. Things take time, especially the good ones.