Become Your Own Superhero: 3 Ways To Reach Success As An Entrepreneur


As entrepreneurs, we tend to look up to successful individuals who have paved the way. After all, they have achieved what we haven't, and they do things that inspire us.

I'm here to tell you that it's great to have role models from which you find motivation and drive to be better, but your true hero ultimately needs to be yourself.

You may be wondering how that is possible if you haven't accomplished anything yet. Don't you imagine yourself 10 years down the road some days, and picture a life where everything is perfect and you are successful beyond comprehension?

Well, there is only one way to get to that point:

Become your own hero.

When you need motivation and you wonder what Bill Gates would do, you should start thinking, “What would I do?”

To get to the point you wish to reach and to accomplish your goals, only you can carve that path. The actions of Bill Gates and other entrepreneurs may guide you in the right direction, but ultimately, only you know what is best for you and your business.

One thing I love about superheroes is how they abide by a set of principles, no matter the adversity with which they are faced. If you truly want to become your own superhero, then you, too, need to have your values set firmly.

If you know that working on a Friday night is what it takes to catch up on your work and you are lacking the motivation, picture what you would do 10 years in the future. What is the work ethic you in a not-so-distant future would want you to do? You need to make yourself proud.

This is a technique I use almost daily. When I know I need to be doing something but am lacking the willpower, I immediately picture the life I want. I ask myself what the future me would be doing right now to get to that point.

Another key to this principle is that you need to keep in mind the importance of right now. Procrastination is the enemy of success; it is a regression when you should be pressing forward.

It is that one more episode of "Breaking Bad" against one more chapter of the book you are reading. Just think of all the things that would get done if you waited until later to do them. Here's a hint: nothing!

Furthermore, think of what the "future you" would think of procrastination because you know for a fact your fantasy wasn't created by playing another round of Call of Duty. "Future you" was shaking hands with the president while closing a deal with Warren Buffett.

Be a maniac.

All heroes have a moment of reckoning when they imagine what life would be like if they kept down the same path with the same work ethic, surrounding themselves with the same people.

You need to have that moment of reckoning and become your own hero. Are you really going to sell your startup for the price you want if you don't put everything you have into it?

Heroes know what they are worth; a hero will tell the buyer a firm price and say, “I don't have any money left to give you.” You know that below the price you set, you are just giving away value.

A word of caution, though: Don't become a villain. You may think there is no way, but think of how many villains started down a path of righteousness, lost their way and mistook their cause for a noble one.

It is important to step back and reflect on what your goals are often, and to always bring other people up with you; never step on other on your path to success.

In the shark tank that is the business world, you may be tempted to step on as many heads as necessary to rise to the top. As a hero, however, there is no greater feeling than accomplishing your goals while simultaneously improving the lives of others.

Have a noble cause.

Becoming my own hero was the greatest thing I did for myself and my business. It has driven me to tackle projects I was always avoiding; it has made me more confident in myself and my ability to sell myself as a professional.

No one inspires me more than myself now. Becoming my own superhero has unlocked a force in me that cannot be stopped, and as a hero, it is my duty to propose a call of action to anyone listening.

Become your own hero; your business will thrive like never before, and you will receive more fulfillment from your personal life than you ever thought possible.

Photo Courtesy: USA/Suits