Passion Makes Perfect: Why Passion Is Essential For A Meaningful Life

by Ashley Grates

If we live our lives without passion, without an idea of who we truly are and are constantly trying to better ourselves, are we truly living?

Sure, everyone goes through the motions of everyday life; but to live a life when you’re passionate about something — when your eyes light up whenever you talk about it — is something to be thankful for.

I know, I’m young in the midst of all of this, but not many people my age have a passion or are overly passionate about something in their lives.

For me, it’s writing. For some of my friends, it’s nature, art, sports or music. And for some people, it’s nothing at all.

My question is this: How can people live lives devoid of passion, without fires inside them that drive them to be the best versions of themselves they can be?

I cannot begin to fathom what that’s like.

I write because in my mind, I hope I will change someone’s life. I hope I will open someone’s eyes and that my words will resonate within him or her for as long as the person lives.

I write because it’s something I love to do; it’s my passion. It’s part of who I am and who I want to be.

When someone talks to me about something I wrote, I get excited. It's mainly because I thought only my family read the things I wrote (they have no choice).

I won't lie; at first, I was slightly mortified people actually read my article(s), but then it made me feel as though what I’m saying truly matters.

I get a "wow" feeling when I hear someone took the time out of his or her day to read my thoughts and my views on life and remembered it.

You must keep in mind you’re only a small speck on this Earth. You’re nothing special (sorry if your mom tells you otherwise.)

So, why not be the best small speck you can be?

I’m not saying your life does not matter; it does. But, are you content with only going through the motions of life, or are you following your passions in an attempt to find your purpose?

Why not be passionate, real and everything you want to be?

Why not find yourself and your drive? Why not ignite a fire in someone else and influence him or her to do the same?

No one wants to be average, ordinary or unoriginal. We all want to be something and to find our purposes before it’s too late. But, if we’re all trying to be our individual selves, why are we conforming to those around us?

This past year, I have realized more than ever that conforming to those around you is not a way to live your life. To live with a small mind and to only agree with everything other people say is nowhere close to living to your fullest potential.

So, be your own individual who doesn't care what people say about you. What other people think of you is none of your business.

When someone says I'm awkward, I used to get offended. Now, my response is, “Yes, I’m aware. And?”

So what if I’m awkward?

I’m not living my life to please anyone but myself. I would rather be called awkward any day than conform like a chameleon to those around me.

I’m happy to say I know what I am passionate about, and I will never stop being curious. I feel badly for the people who never find their passions.

Sure, we all gossip, and cattiness or jealousy can take over. But if that’s the extent to which you live your life — to only talk sh*t about other people and worry about where you're getting drunk tonight — maybe you should re-evaluate.

Who cares what Sarah said to Carrie about you? Find something to be passionate about, something that gives your life a purpose. Your time here is short, so make it meaningful. I’m begging you.