Nobody's Here To Guide You: Accept Responsibility And Take Control Of Your Life

by Maxwell J. Mangold

Those who blame live in the shadowed past. Those that accept responsibility move toward a vivid future.  Take responsibility; accept control; move forward.

Get that mental step ahead, address the matter and embrace the new circumstances; don’t avoid the problem. Whether mental, physical, relational, professional, or whatever it may be, nothing is ever static.

Evade dogmatic mental states. When you continually replay an experience, you repeatedly bring it to life, allowing it to take over. You let that scenario, person, or experience win. Your thoughts are your reality. What you think of is what you become, and if you’re living in the past, that’s where you’ll be left.

Don’t sulk in decisions. Your choices are half-chance, as are everyone else’s. Believe in the good in people, and you’ll find that’s what you’ll receive. Choose and decide your circumstances, but don’t get angered with them. Remain optimistic and realistic that situations will become better, and often times, they will. Don’t let negative experiences derail you; let them direct you. Become your conductor in life.

Taking Control

We Are Binary

“I am responsible.” Brian Tracy, a motivational author and speaker, tells listeners to constantly repeat this statement to their selves. Repeating this statement breaks down mental weights, increasing confidence within the self. Rather than feeling the weight of mental weakness, you will soon take initiative and become proactive with your newfound self-esteem. You won’t wait on others for answers. You’ll look within, find drive and with this decision, move forward.

When you take accountability for and control of your actions, you don’t blame others for past relationships failed, opportunities missed, or situations that never fashioned. You accept, and move forward. You become your own drill sergeant, and because pressure makes diamonds, you motivate and push yourself.

This mindset emboldens you to feel in control and imagine you’re the maker of your reality. While outside influences exist everywhere, you are the consummate stimulus controlling your puppet called “life.” You don’t look for outside people, cars, or diamond necklaces to create your satisfaction, you look within yourself.

Too many people expect to be guided through life with their hands held, or look for the help of others when responsibility arises. People lack the faith and moxie within themselves to handle problems on their own. These are the same individuals who often miss opportunities to move to new locations, start new jobs, explore hidden passions, begin relationships, or simply exit their comfort zones. Don’t be that person, and don’t fall victim to yourself.

Leaving Comfort Behind

Control Yourself

The worst emotion in life is regret, and the question that accompanies it is often, “What if?” Don’t stutter your steps. When you reach your edge of comfort, and you’re looking at uncertainty on the other side, jump confidently into the unknown. First, make sure you land, but once you’re on your feet, explore the opportunities. Take it in, appreciate it, and if you don’t like what you discover, at least you will have learned from your bold experiences, and you’ll be glad you took the chance. Your individuality will become more defined and purpose concrete, with the greater risk you take.

A way to help you cushion the fear of leaving comfort behind is to constantly push yourself beyond your comfort zone. You’ll be amazed at what new bridges form, without consciously building their framework. New opportunities will arise, and toxic factors in your life will fall to the wayside.

This can only occur with acceptance, however. You cannot continue to grasp onto past memories and experiences, in exchange for being blind to the future. Sh*t happens, people get f*cked over, but from those negative experiences, you learn and move on. Once you accept responsibility for yourself, people will acknowledge and respect that. Those who don’t align with your lifestyle, or support you reaching your goals, will weed themselves out in your path to fulfillment.

Believe in yourself, push yourself, and learn to accept whatever may come.

Top Photo Courtesy itspz.tumblr