9 Simple Things To Do When You Don’t Feel Like You’re Good Enough

by Paul Hudson

We all need a motivational boost from time to time. While we would like to think of ourselves as machines, the truth is that we aren’t. We are animals.

We are organisms. We have minds, and minds cannot possible run on high indefinitely. We require much more maintenance and finesse in handling ourselves and making sure that we get the work done that needs to get done.

To top it all off, we are cursed with a little things called emotion. We interpret things as good and bad to such a degree that we literally feel that something is good or bad.

The problem with this is that emotions are deceiving and often uncalled for. Too many people get stuck feeling sorry for themselves, feeling that they aren’t good enough to make it in this world. We trick ourselves into believing this audacious fallacy.

We are all good enough to do amazing things – but it will take time and effort. Incapable today doesn’t mean incapable tomorrow. However, you’re going to have to get around thinking so negatively about yourself. This should help:

1. Focus on all of your best qualities.

We all have weaknesses – champions included. What distinguishes the winners from the losers is that the winners know to focus on their strengths and avoid having to expose their weaknesses. It’s great to be well-rounded, but being well-rounded usually puts people at a disadvantage.

Think about it. Being incredibly strong in one area will almost always win over less strength across the board. The more-rounded person will be put on the defensive and eventually crack.

2. Look at your weaknesses objectively.

You know that they exist, but how bad are they really? How much at a disadvantage are they actually putting you in versus how much of a disadvantage are you imagining they’re putting you in?

More often than not, we overestimate how worse off we really are. We may not feel that we are good enough, but it’s usually just in our heads. Look at what you believe to be your greatest weaknesses and calculate how they affect the bigger picture.

3. Find comfort in knowing that you are better than countless others.

You may be sloppy, lazy, slow, fat and below average, but there are people who are worse off. It may sound cruel, but taking comfort in knowing that there are people worse off than you does help.

You can pretend like you would never stoop to that level, but the fact is that we all do. It’s a natural response. We find comfort in watching other people’s woes. It’s not something I recommend parading about, but it is what it is.

4. Listen to a motivational speech or talk.

YouTube is your portable life coach. If you ever need an extra boost or to refocus, reassess what really matters in life, you can find some great material online.

Ted talks are great as well, giving you smart ideas from smart and successful people. It’s always a good idea to open yourself up to a new perspective.

5. Watch an inspirational movie.

When we don’t feel good enough, what we are really saying is that we don’t feel good about ourselves. We don’t feel good about our abilities. We don’t feel up to the task at hand – whatever that task may be.

Watching others succeed, against incredible odds, will help you find that motivational boost you need to keep you moving in the right direction. Make sure to get your weekly, if not daily, motivational token and you will find more than enough momentum to take over the world.

6. Do some research – there have been plenty of diamonds in the rough over the years.

Stories are great, but facts can’t be beat. Read up about the great minds that once lived and how they managed to become great.

There are more than enough biographies available online. You’ll not only get a renewed belief in your capabilities, but you’ll also most likely learn something useful as well.

7. Don’t blame yourself, but blame yourself.

You can’t hate yourself for who you are, how you look, how you think or how you act. However, you can blame yourself for not finding the strength to make the changes you believe need to be made.

Never blame yourself for the person you are at the moment, but blame yourself for not working towards making a change for the better. We too often get caught up in hating ourselves for the people we’ve become, making it impossible to focus on becoming the people we want to be.

8. Form a plan of action.

...And then act upon it immediately. Do not – I repeat – do not "start tomorrow." Tomorrow never really comes. If you have a good plan, then commence immediately.

Don’t have one last night of debauchery, one last meal that would put a hippo to shame. Do what needs to be done and do it now.

9. Meditate.

The funny thing about not thinking that you’re good enough, not thinking that you can make it in life, is that the thought has no real value. It’s in your head.

What you think doesn’t matter in the physical world – only your actions count. It’s easy to get caught up in this negative pattern of thinking – especially when emotions get involved.

Take a step back to reassess and reevaluate the things that matter and the things that don’t. If you’re in a slump, chances are that you are giving too much importance to the things that don’t matter at all. Meditation will help align things.

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