5 Things To Let Go Of In 2014

by Patty Rivera

It’s a new year, so, predictably, the masses are setting lists of resolutions, goals and deadlines for 2014. But, rather than focusing on new additions to supplement your life, consider editing what you already have.

Clearing out the unnecessary noise in your life may be the most useful resolution of all. Try eliminating the following negative forces of clutter that bar you from being your best self:

Bad Friendships

After enduring tough moments in life and finding my supposed friends to be more like enemies when I needed them most, I decided to keep my circle of friends very small and very private.

Keeping a long list of friends is great for parties and events, but upon aging, many come to realize that if a person doesn’t serve a true purpose or benefit to your life, it may be best to cut ties. Real friends will be unfalteringly there for you and will work with you to move past any struggle that emerges in the friendship. If a person is a source of negativity in your life, it’s time to move on and let them go. Be very picky and selective regarding with whom you choose to surround yourself.

Bad Habits

Success has a very broad definition; some may believe success means having a great family, others may believe it's all about money and others might even think it means being able to party at an EDM concert every weekend. Regardless, one’s habits are related to any embraced definition of success. Positive, constructive habits will lead you on a path to success.

Life requires having a balanced structure, and a schedule will keep you oriented to your habits. Bad habits that you routinely follow don’t provide any room in your life to change anything. If you seek to change something in 2014, you must start with good habits. List the habits you need to follow on a daily basis to accomplish your 2014 goals. Otherwise, your 2013 habits may bar you from 2014 growth.

Bad Relationships

If 2013 didn’t bring any luck to your love life, maybe you are doing something wrong — maybe you’re dating the wrong people. Try dating people who are different to the types you are accustomed to dating; be open to something a bit different. Someone you least expect may turn out to be your soul mate — regardless, your soul mate is likely not a composite of your exes.

So Much Television

Don’t stop watching television, but exercise moderation. There’s no need to spend eight hours glued to your couch, letting your mind coast. Time you spend watching television is time you allow your life to pass you by. Instead, pick up a book, as reading is an active act of leisure.

Being Glued To Your Phone

Technology is ubiquitous — there is no denying that we can’t live without it. But, it is very sad to walk into a bar or restaurant to find a group of friends dining together, but not speaking, looking down at their phones, Tweeting, Instagramming and Facebooking. It’s even sadder to see couples sitting at a table looking down at their phones. Stop this! Start small and leave your phone in a different room when you are home doing other things, and leave it on silent in your purse when you’re out to dinner.

There are many possibilities for things you could eliminate from your life to make it more positive and constructive on a daily basis. It’s also very important to start small; little by little. But, don’t wait until tomorrow to start making deliberate improvements. Nothing good has ever happened tomorrow.