5 Simple Ways To Become A Better Person: It’s All About Who You Aspire To Be

by Charlie Sutcliffe

In our world, everyone gets a prize; we’re constantly told that everyone should be given opportunities and everyone is beautiful — in his or her own way. We’re also told that no one person is better than the next because as human beings, we’re all equal.

When we successfully manage to harness our unique talents, we are all capable of achieving amazing things. This may be true in some respects, but I don’t believe that everyone is actually equal. I mean, you can’t honestly believe that, can you? Before you get carried away, let me justify: Some people are born into poverty and others into riches.

Some people are beautiful, and some are less physically appealing. Some people are more naturally intelligent than others. These characteristics are merely natural privileges that some people inherit.

On the contrary, what I believe makes one person better than another has nothing to do with incidence and everything to do with endeavor — it’s about an individual striving to be better. This is because it doesn’t matter where you came from or into what situation you were born — you can still be a lazy, selfish manipulative loser.

You can choose to compromise your potential by hanging with the wrong crowd. Check out these five ways to actually make yourself a better person — it makes no difference if you happened to draw some short straws in life.

1. Exposing Yourself To More

It’s easy to become what you do. You are the product of all your experiences, so rather than restricting yourself to reality TV and "Twilight" books, read widely and watch brilliant films. Eat different food from various cultures and challenge yourself to learn more. You’ll be a better person if you leave your comfort zone and travel; opening your eyes to information and experiences can only make you more rounded.

2. Eating Well And Exercising More

If you eat crap food all the time, you’ll feel crappy a lot of the time. I used to hang out with a bunch of guys who smoked and drank every night of the week and lived on 7-Eleven sandwiches. After spending a week indulging in their lifestyle, I had no motivation and a negative attitude. It was depressing — don’t do it.

3. Respecting People And Their Time

It pisses me off when people find it acceptable to break up with someone or quit a job over a text message. I feel the same way about when my friends, who are grown adults, refuse to speak to my parents and instead hide in my room. Remember the golden rule (treat others the way you want to be treated) because it’s true. It’s disrespectful when someone does not consider you to be worthy of an explanation and eye contact.

4. Standing Up For Yourself

You were given your own set of unique talents to use to your advantage. Contrary to what you may believe, more people care about what you have to say than you may think. So, when you have an opinion, share it. Obviously don’t say whatever you feel all the time, instead, form well-constructed arguments when it concerns something about which you are passionate.

5. Humoring Children

It’s annoying when people disregard children as if they’re puppies. When a little girl wants to tell you her story about what happened in the playground or her aversion to wasabi peas, listen.

Adults don’t really have a clue about how the world works — we learn more every day. Now imagine a little child, bright-eyed and curious, with many of her questions as simple as “why?” If you listened to her — even if for a few moments — you could make a real difference to her.

Photo credit: Humans Of New York