12 Reasons Why Jumping Into The Complete Unknown Is The Best Decision You’ll Ever Make

by Sophie Cook

I've always been someone who is ready for change.

I have packed up and moved with less than a week's notice two times in my life. Leaving with little time on my hands to prepare for something so life-changing reduced associated fear, anticipation and worry, as my mind was occupied with other matters.

Regardless of how open and ready for change you think you may be, uncertainty can still creep up on you and cause you to look to security for reassurance. From my experience, however, it seems that giving in will only lead to great regret.

When you get the opportunity, seize every unexpected surprise, learn to love the ambiguity of life and go with the flow down the unforeseeable detours. In doing so, you'll be sure to encounter these 12 reasons to live and love the beauty of the bewildering unknown. Here are 12 reasons to take the plunge:

1. Friendship

The two most important people in my life, aside from my parents, are two people I met while on a solo adventure.

When you jump into the unknown, you prepare yourself to meet every stranger under the sun and connect deeply, without vulnerabilities. This forms an incomparably deep connection.

2. Appreciation

When you leave yourself no time to prepare for where you’re going and maybe don’t have a destination in mind, the places you stumble across will seem even more special.

Discovering a new town, city or capital will fill you with appreciation and wonder. Forming your own opinion on a place and not going by the book or an outside influence will enhance your gratitude for the adventures you will uncover.

3. Adrenaline

The excitement and angst of the unpredictable will fill you with adrenaline. Much like buckling into a rollercoaster, boarding a plane surrounded by strangers with whom you share nothing but a destination is sure to send your heart racing.

This natural high will outweigh any negativity from the dubious and will pump you up for the unexpected.

4. Fear

Diving in to the deep end will either lead you to sink or swim. The decision is yours. Succumb to the fear or reign victorious over it.

Worrying only convinces you that what you want is impossible. Being in the unknown leads you to fight risk, danger and skepticism and to make your desires realities.

By not being afraid, you become open to what life throws at you and, in turn, it builds your character to be stronger.

5. Spontaneity

Sometimes, getting out of your routine is exactly what you need to get you back on track. Doing something completely out of your comfort zone — something unplanned and for which you cannot prepare yourself — sparks spontaneity. Life isn't about plans, predicting the start, middle or end, but about filling every moment.

6. Fulfillment

Existing in the unknown leaves no room for expectation, prediction or predetermination of what lies ahead, which precludes feelings of disappointment.

Cascading into the ocean will always lead you to wash up somewhere with discovery and adventure at your fingertips.

There is no “being let down” in the unknown because you must take advantage of every moment. You're not blinded by a desired outcome and instead, are content with the opportunities that cross your path.

7. Determination

When you plummet into the unknown, you learn that the only way to learn what's right is to first experience what is wrong. You may find yourself at dead ends, but you'll just recalculate your route.

You will fall down and will get up again stronger. Plan A will fail, as will B and probably C, too, but fortunately, you will not give up.

Determination will help you conquer the curve balls you'll face and carry you to wonders you never would have otherwise seen.

8. Pride

If a decision you make leads you to something remarkable, you'll feel an overwhelming and rewarding sense of pride.

You ignored the inner voice, overcame any hesitations and diminished doubts from those who expressed them. You accomplished what you knew you could: surviving the unknown.

9. Love

The unknown will force you to open up since you have nothing to hide and will become a more loving version of yourself. You're not afraid of what other people think. When the rush of a new relationship comes your way, you won't go in half-heartedly.

Your ability to happily accept being vulnerable and affectionate will allow you to feel something truly magical.

10. Humor

Living your life via the unknown will bring about moments that will leave you in tears of both sadness and joy. Through the people you’ll meet and places you'll go, you'll develop the ability to let things slide.

You'll see the funny side of things and enjoy tackling challenges. You won't let matters get you down and will opt to uphold a smile through any situation of struggle.

11. Trust

Self-trust will be something you acquire from the unknown. You will listen to yourself and learn to let your instinct guide you.

Trust is personal and comes from the heart; it allows you to be more daring and to become decisive through living in the present moment.

12. Independence

The unknown is what drives us to continue exploring our own potential. We are conditioned to believe what we hear, but living undecidedly allows us to gain wisdom that can’t be borrowed from elsewhere.

Our hearts yearn for new possibilities, yet we live in a world where people work hard for comfort and security. People fear the unknown due to perceptions of the danger it brings and instead, seek beautiful imprisonment.

Living by the unknown allows you to let go of your ego and allows your true self to emerge. So, make your own mistakes and live for you, not for anyone else.

By stepping out of the familiar and challenging the status quo, you'll take chances you would have never otherwise contemplated.

You may start your journey in the unknown, but by the end, you'll truly know who you are.

Photo Courtesy: We Heart It