Why Funny People Are A Lot More Successful In Life

by Paul Hudson

So you gots jokes, huh? Good. Having a good sense of humor is an essential social toolset. A perfectly placed and executed joke can get you out of a tight corner. It can help you get away with things that most people would not be able to get away with. It makes making friends easier. It makes picking up women easier. And, it also is likely to help you become successful.

However, a bad joke will most definitely kill the vibe. So if you are going to be funny, then make sure you are actually funny. Here's 10 reasons why funny people are more successful than most.

1. They are more likeable.

It's true, think about it. Who are you friends with? Chances are that it is the people who you have the most in common with — who you have the most fun with and who make you laugh. Laughter and comedy play larger roles in our lives than most people realize or would like to admit. Funny people are easier to like because they make us happy by making us laugh. How can you not like someone who makes you happy?

2. They are more detail-oriented.

Humorous jests are not easy to come up with — they cannot be premeditated, but sporadic, in the moment. We're not talking about standup comedians here, but regular people like you and I who happen to be very funny. In order to be funny, one must pick up on certain details — whether physical or in conversation — and work on them.

The funniest of jokes are those that are focused on a minor detail or phrase that a person says rather than focused on a general topic or larger concept. Funny comments in the workplace are usually funny one-liners and not long-format dialogues. Focusing in on such details transfers over into the rest of your life and becomes habit. Funny people basically have trained their brains to pick up on detail and are more detail-oriented than the average person. It's obvious how such detail orientation can come in handy when put to use while working.

3. Comedy allows for bonding.

When you meet someone who knows how to make you laugh, you immediately begin to feel as if that person understands you. You begin to feel that you share a similar sense of humor and therefore most likely have other things in common as well. When in a business meeting, cracking a quick joke or two will allow your audience to feel more comfortable. Humor is a great tool for breaking the ice and getting people to drop their guard — so that you can attack and take them for all they are worth! I kid. Or maybe not.

4. The funny guy is always invited.

When creating a list of people you are going to invite to any event, I am sure the majority of the people you have on there are those who you find to be funny. Funny people tend to be the life of the party, and without them, events tend to be mediocre. Likewise, people like to hang out with funny people — those that can put a smile on their face. Funny people are more likely to be invited to dinners and events, as well as being more likely to be introduced to other people.

In the business world, having a good sense of humor is a great networking tool. If you are funny and are able to entertain others, then you are more likely to meet the people you want to meet. Would you not prefer to introduce your friends to a colleague who is funny rather than a colleague who is boring?

5. Humor increases productivity and group effectiveness.

Humor creates a jovial atmosphere — an atmosphere that is easier to work in. If small mistakes are lightly poked at instead of scolded for, then people will be less afraid of making them and will be more likely to think outside the box. Not to mention that the psychological effects themselves increase productivity. When we smile or laugh, our brains release dopamine, which in turn literally increases productivity and engagement. When a team of employees is happy they are happier to work as well.

6. Facilitates trust.

You are much more likely to trust someone who knows how to make you laugh than someone who you feel has an awkward sense of humor. Humor, in a way, reveals the authentic person within. A person's sense of humor says a lot about who they are and if they share your sense of humor then you find that you are getting a good look at who they truly are as a person. Making others laugh will likely get them to trust you, which is very valuable. Of course, if you are a lying, scheming, untrustworthy person yourself, then you at least know to be on your guard the next time a colleague makes you spew out your coffee from laughter.

7. Relieves stress.

Dopamine is a magical, naturally occurring chemical in our brains. It makes us feel good and gets rid of our stress. Stress does an incredible amount of damage on our psyche and makes producing exceptional work near impossible. Being funny not only makes others laugh, but will make the person delivering the joke laugh too. Not to mention that it will boost your confidence. Being funny feels really good.

8. Boosts morale of the team.

Being successful in our day and age is no longer a solo mission — it requires a strong team. Being a leader means that you are responsible for your team and are responsible for making sure that their productivity and performance is at a maximum. Being funny as a leader will put your team at ease and allow them to feel more comfortable around you — their boss — and at the workplace in general. Cracking jokes during uncomfortable or unfortunate situations will make your team members remain calm and continue working to fix whatever issue arises.

9. Boosts creativity.

Being funny requires outside-the-box thinking. It gets you to look at things differently, from a different angle and under a different light. Humor puts your mind into a calmer mood, allowing you to better focus and be creative. Being funny requires much creativity in itself. Be funny regularly and that creativity is likely to spill over into other areas of your life.

10. Funny people are more outgoing.

Being funny gives you more confidence. It allows you to feel more certain about yourself and more certain about your social skills. If you know that you have the ability to make people laugh, then you are more likely to interact with people. Knowing that you can avoid awkwardness by making people smile will make you want to talk and interact with more people. Being outgoing is one of the most important characteristics of successful people. Feeling comfortable enough to approach people that you do not know is great for networking and for picking up clients or potential customers.

Photo Credit: WENN