7 Moments That Make You Question Why You Got Out Of Bed This Morning

by Olivia Yusuf

We all have those days where we just want to give up on life, curl into bed and not pay attention to any of our responsibilities. These are days when nothing seems to be going right, or we're just annoyed with everyone in the world.

It's times like these where you just wonder, “Why did I get out of bed today?" You feel like everyone's out to get you, and you're ready to quit, especially when it all happens on the same day. Here are seven moments that make you want to quit:

1. You're late, even when you tried to be early.

You set the alarm 15 minutes earlier than usual so you could get Starbucks. But, you don't know how it happened: The first alarm didn't go off.

You rushed to get ready. You got out of the house in record time, so no one could complain you're always the late one. Life was out to get you, though.

You weren't able to find your keys, there was traffic and then you couldn't find a parking spot. Your friends also don't believe your excuses. So, you finally yell, "I give up."

2. You just washed your car, only to have it rain.

The weather report said it was supposed to be hot all week, so you sucked it up and got the car cleaned. The next day, it rained.

So, it was all pointless. Also, the lovely friend who you brought with you to wash your car ended up spilling a Frappuccino in the seat, thereby ruining your newly cleaned car and making the seat sticky and smelling like Starbucks.

3. Starbucks becomes not worth it.

When you wait in a long line and it's finally your turn, you're ready for your Venti Caramel Macchiato to get you through the day. Too bad they don't have the ingredients.

You suck it up and get a Venti Jade Citrus Mint Tea, but they end up giving you a Grande. You tell them you ordered a Venti, and they offer to remake it. But at this point, you're already late and annoyed, and there's a huge line of annoyed people behind you.

4. You have the perfect outfit planned, but you can't find your shoes.

It's Saturday, and it's your first night out in forever. You have the perfect outfit planned, and you're pumped for the night.

You're feeling yourself. Your outfit is all good, and your makeup is on point.

The only thing is, you get to the door and can't find your heels anywhere. The only heels you have don't match, so you change your outfit.

The best part? You get to the car and find your heels. Too bad you're already done, and you have no desire to go upstairs and change.

Even worse? No photos were taken. How is everyone else supposed to see your perfect outfit?

5. All your friends are drunk, and you're the designated driver.

“Why? Why? Why?” is the only thing running through your brain right now. Your friends won't leave, you're taking care of the drunkest one out of all of them and you're annoyed. You can't leave, and you're too sober to deal with the club.

6. You have to be up before 9 am on a Saturday.

Don't you miss being a kid? There has to be a special place in hell for people who plan events before noon on a Saturday.

This is the day meant for hungover brunch with the girls and sleeping in. It is not meant for exams or meetings.

Knowing you have to be up before 9 am on a weekend is just terrible, and it makes you want to drop everything.

7. Netflix, you failed me.

When this entire list was just your one day, all you want to do is curl into bed and watch Netflix. But too many people are on it, so it won't load.

You've already had a long day, and this was your only saving grace. It's time for bed. Try again tomorrow.

Life is a lot, and sometimes, you just can't handle it. These are the days where you need to call in for a personal day from everything, including work, school, family and friends. It's time for a designated "me" day, where you can relax and recharge yourself to deal with another day of bullsh*t.