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These 6 Easy Tips Will Help You Keep Your Messy Desk In Check

Having a clean desk can lead to a clean and focused life. Having a clean desk is also one of the hardest things to maintain.

After a solid cleaning day, I always promise myself I'm going to keep my desk clean. It is where I do my best work, after all. Like clockwork, though, three days later I find my desk covered in bills, stickies, trash and that candle from Urban I just couldn't live without.

My messy desk prompts me to leave my apartment and spend an unnecessary amount of money on a small cappuccino at a coffee spot next door. On top of that, no work ever gets done at these coffee shops because I find myself people watching for the next two hours with a blank Word document in front of me.

But where am I today, writing this very article? At my clean desk, as a matter of fact. I decided I needed to hone in on some basic and simple tips to keep my desk clean and organized so all my work can be done in an efficient manner.

I figured out the six easiest tricks that can really help you keep your desk clean and help you stay focused. For example, I learned that getting a bigger trash can really improve your situation.

To find out why, along with five more hacks on how to keep a clean desk, check out the video above.

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