Why Mercury Retrograde Is The Only Retrograde We All Care About

Aila Images

We all know the terror of Mercury retrograde, even if you hate astrology. Even if you live in a commune of skeptics and scientific researchers you've heard about it. It's an important time for us all, a time we dread. But why all the attention? Why, when it comes to Mercury retrograde vs. other planet retrogrades, do we only pay attention to Mercury? It's the only one we talk about, and it just doesn't seem fair, does it? There are 12 other planets we could focus on, and Mercury gets all the buzz. Actually, there's an astrological reason for that, too.

Mercury Is The Planet of Communication

It makes sense that Mercury seems to have all the right PR people. It's literally the planet that governs communication. It rules lively discussion, spoken and written communications, emails, texts, and media. No wonder we can't stop talking about it, it's literally making us do it!

Mercury Rules Technology

All it takes is a simple google search to find out that literally thousands of articles have been written in the name of Mercury retrograde, and that's because the people who write for the internet take a real ass-kicking every time it happens. Mercury rules over technology, since technology is basically communication between satellites to our phones, or however the f*ck that works. We notice it more when our phones, which we spend our lives glued to, start malfunctioning. Nothing is more obnoxious.

Mercury Rules Travel

Another aspect of our daily lives, travel, both local and overseas, is governed by Mercury. When it is in retrograde, it delays our plans, messes up our itineraries, and puts a wedge in the plans we thought were foolproof.

Not to mention that three weeks of train delays, car repairs, or other obstructions on the way to work is bound to be recognized by everyone. You literally can't ignore it because it's so much a part of your daily life.

Mercury Rules Patterns Of Thought

Because it's the planet that rules communication, it also rules the thoughts behind our communication with one another. You might feel, while it's in it's retrograde, like trying to gain clarity about a situation is like hacking through thick woodland brush with a dull axe. Or you might jump to a conclusion, thinking you're totally clear about what you want and where you stand, but in fact you're wrong about the whole thing, and can't figure out where you went wrong.

Ultimately, the reason why Mercury gets all the attention is that we now live in a world where it has a monopoly on us. This is the Information Age, and communication rules our lives. Mercury is literally the most important planet when it comes to our day-to-day living, and when it slows down, so do our lives; nobody likes a slow life.

This is the Information Age, after all.