Mercury Is In Leo, And It's The Reason You're Feeling Confident AF Right Now

by Rosey Baker
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Mercury is now in Leo, people, and it's here to stay until July 25, so get out everything you normally don't have the confidence to wear, say, or do, and be prepared to just go for it.

While the monthly horoscope suggests that the extra planetary boost might be tempered with the influence of the Sun in a sign like sensitive, moody Cancer, and with this weekend's bummer of a full moon, we've got plenty to celebrate.

If all of this sounds like a bunch astrological jib-jab you don't understand, let me break it down for you.

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This is what Mercury means.

In astrology, the movement and placement of the planets affect our day-to-day lives, habits, and moods in different ways.

The more quickly-moving planets like the Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars, and Mercury are referred to as personal planets, as each of them rule over a different area of our personal lives.

Mercury is our communicator planet. It rules over day-to-day communication and everything to do with it. This includes the written and spoken word, technology, media, thoughts, the way we express ourselves, text messages, emails, the internet, travel (because so much of travel is dependent upon technology and communication) and information.

Here's how Mercury is influenced by the signs.

The sign Mercury moves into a new sign every three to four weeks and the sign it moves into influences the way we communicate.

When Mercury is in a sign like Pisces, our communication is colored by the qualities of that sign. We may describe things in vague images and communicate our desires and needs more passively.

Alternatively, when Mercury is in Sagittarius, we may speak with authority, even running the risk of being dogmatic, attempting to force our opinions onto others.

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Mercury in Leo is all about confidence.

With Mercury in Leo, we're gifted with the dramatic flair for expression that every Leo embodies.

Leo loves to be in the spotlight, and their thinking is grand and goal oriented.

Now is the perfect time to set your sights high, because you'll have the pride in your abilities and the confidence you need to accomplish them.

Mercury in Leo gives us a chance to step into the spotlight, making us more theatrical and creative in our personal expression, more confident and charismatic in our execution.

If you have a speech to give or an opportunity to engage in any kind of public speaking, you're more likely to really make an impact under this influence.

If you speak or write for a living, now is a good opportunity to throw yourself into a creative project. Your ambition, drive, and natural ability to move people with your words will draw in all the right kinds of attention.

You might also feel bold enough to get decked out in all your flashiest wardrobe items, so if you have a formal event to go to, don't be afraid to go out alone. You'll be turning heads everywhere you go.

If there's anything to look out for at all, it's a sense of personal entitlement and a desire to compare yourself to others. Keep your eyes on your own paper while you let that light shine this month.

You'll enjoy it far more if you're not focusing on what other people are doing or getting.