Red, White, & Blue Makeup Looks For The Fourth Of July

The Fourth of July is a perfect time to get your red, white, and blue on from head to toe... eye makeup and nail art, most certainly included.

Show your main girl squad you're the patriotic belle of the ball by transforming your everyday makeup look into something magical for the holiday.

I personally tend to go for a classic red lip, because I'm usually not that coordinated with any kind of makeup brush. For those of you who are in the same boat as me, these makeup tutorials below are easy to follow along with.

Steal the show at the barbecue with a beautiful blue cat eye and dramatic glossy red lips. The fireworks don't have to be the only things that shine.

1. Striking Red, White, And Blue Eyes

Zabrena on YouTube

Nothing screams patriotic more than decorating those baby blues with red, white, and blue eyeliner.

2. A Fierce And Bold Red Lip

Tati on YouTube

As Taylor Swift once said, “I got that red lip, classic thing that you like.”

3. Baby, You're *Sparkling* Like A Firework

Amanda Steele on YouTube

Baby, you're a firework… or, at least, you could really look like one with this gorgeous glittery look.

4. Keep It Classy... And Dramatic

Cosmobyhaley on YouTube

A cat eye is a pretty classic look, but this patriotic take on it will seriously have the spotlight shining on you all night long.

5. Conquer The Humidity With This Sweat-Proof Look

Gianna Fiorenze on YouTube

It's hot AF out there, so this sweat-proof makeup tutorial will ensure you look refreshed all day and all night.

6. Master The Cat Eye Like A Goddess

Kristen Leanne on YouTube

If you're all about those cat eyes, and want to make sure yours is perfectly patriotic for the holiday, try this triple cat eye.

7. Starry Eyelid Art

GlitterGirlC on YouTube

Use your eyelids as a red, white, and blue canvas.

8. Glitter It Up

Angela Bright on YouTube

This look is oh-so glittery, it will bring all of the fun to any Fourth of July plan.

9. The Best Of Both Worlds: Subtle, Yet Bold

EMAN on YouTube

This look is not only perfect to rock on the Fourth of July, it works all summer long, too. The eye makeup is subtle, and the bold lip will make such a statement.

10. Decorate Those Lips

Vy Qwaint on YouTube

You'll basically be a makeup magician by the time you master this look.