How To Look Like A Million 'Likes' While Feeling Like A Million Bucks

By Gigi Engle

Attaining the perfect wardrobe is not an easy feat for any dude.

It's a constant battle between wanting to rock a t-shirt with jeans every day and wanting to look super sharp. But at the end of the day, the guy who dresses better always gets the job... and the girl.

If you invest in your wardrobe, you're actually more likely to achieve career and life success: According to Men's Warehouse's Well-Dressed Men Survey, 75 percent of Americans believe well-dressed men are more likely to get better jobs and higher salaries.

Every guy wants to look perfect for Instagram and feel great about himself, but actually figuring out how to do that is the tough part.

It can be pretty hard for a guy to navigate the complicated waters of fashion and figure out how to look his best, but it's every girlfriend's dream to get her boyfriend to manage his personal style.

Well now, I'll make it cut and dry for you, so you're sure to make her happy.

There are a few things every man should purchase in order to have the most functional, stylish wardrobe. With just these few simple things, you can take your look from bland to James Bond, all while keeping your morning routine to a minimum.

Here are six awesome wardrobe staples that could have every gentleman out there looking like a million "likes" and feeling like a million bucks.

A Sharp Blazer

Kristen Curette

A man in a suit exudes more sex appeal than a man in casual clothes. According to the Men's Warehouse survey, 78 percent of women agreed dressing well is one of the hottest things a man can do.

So, be sure to invest in a super-sharp blazer to wear to the office. You'll be turning heads and getting offers before you know it. Do yourself one better and have the jacket tailored, so you get the smoothest fit possible.

Classic Oxfords

Kristen Curette

An Oxford is a great shoe to keep on file because it doubles as dressy and casual. No man ever looked bad in a good pair of Oxfords.

Go for a pair in a chestnut, navy blue or oxblood hue, and complement the shoes with nice khaki pants. You'll be able to up the ante on any look with the right footwear.

(That's right, dude, you're going to need to give up the slip-ons if you're looking to move up the corporate ladder.)

A Versatile Leather Belt

Jara Sijka

“There is truly nothing sexier than a man who matches his shoes to his belt,” said every woman ever.

That's why it's important to spend some of that hard-earned cash on a high-quality, versatile leather belt. You can never go wrong with brown or black. Keep it simple, and make sure it matches up with the shoes!

Swanky Sneakers

Jesse Morrow


If you're going to chill out in a pair of sneaks on your off days, make sure to get yourself a swanky pair. Go for something fly and two-toned. A man's sneakers say a lot about him.

Even when you're relaxing, running errands or hanging out with your girlfriend, you will want to look your best. Skip the ratty, old tennis shoes you're used to wearing, ditch the sweatpants and get yourself dapper sneakers and some well-fitting jeans (No one wants to see your boxers, sorry).

A Timeless Timepiece

Isaiah & Taylor


OK, we all know watches are expensive. That's just a fact of life. The thing is, a great watch can last a lifetime. If you get yourself a really classic timepiece, you can keep it forever and pair it with every outfit.

In a world running low on gentlemanly charm, there is a certain appeal in a man who wears a watch. It's a trendy accessory, perfect for the put-together guy.

Funky Socks

Kevin Gilgan

When it comes to dressing like the dashing man you've always wanted to be, less is nearly always more. But, that's not the case when it comes to socks.

Don't be afraid to get a little whacky when it comes to your sock collection: Your sock drawer is the ultimate place to experiment. Get a little wild with it, and really use your socks as a way to express yourself.

Trust me, your girlfriend will prefer the goofy socks to the goofy printed t-shirts. Plus, it is scientifically proven brighter colors actually better your mood and your overall happiness.

A simple pair of slacks always gets a little more fun when cheeky socks pop out at the bottom. Go for bright-colored patterns and styles; don't be afraid to go bold.

Dope Shades

Amir Kaljikovic

It's been said sunglasses really make a man -- well, I'm sure someone said that at one point.

Regardless, another necessary wardrobe statement for any well-dressed dude is a great pair of shades to finish off his outfits. The classic aviator style is usually the best way to go. Keep it simple with a dark brown or black frame.

Reserve the psychedelic colors for your sock collection.