Life Is One Big Transition, Deal With It

by Anonymous

Transition. A simple complexity endured by all. A time of blissful ignorance disguised as adventure. Basically, a phase of unfortunate events we hope we can laugh about in the years to come. It’s one of the most difficult times in a woman’s life. You know enough to determine what it is you want, but not enough to know what your mark will be on this life.

This is by far one of the hardest, yet most impressionable obstacles you will encounter due to the fact that you crave some sense of guidance but are steadfast in who you are as person ready to conquer the world by any means necessary, dignity intact. This is the age where the “life-long” friends fade into their own phases and merely last a season of "Scandal." You know?

The ones who choose to get all domesticated because the mystical “he” they tweeted about decided to put a ring on it and knock them up with an army of offspring. What happens when the world wants to settle down and you just want to set the world on fire? …Embrace it.

This is the perfect time for you to do your own thing and make mistakes. You have your 30s to repair, 40s to accept it and your 50s to reflect. Why not set the foundation for the rest of your life, now? The beauty of not quite knowing who I am but having the most enlightening glimpses of the woman I am going to be has been nothing short of incredible.

However, we all can’t help but feel a sense of anxiety. This almost unbearable desire for this profound experience to occur. Maybe we could accept this cloud of ambiguity if all our plans weren’t coming to fruition for everyone EXCEPT us.

Now I can go on and inquire about what the hell they could have done to be afforded these gifts effortlessly, but I’ve learned two things the hard way. One, patience is a virtue; two, the path to personal fulfillment is just that -- personal. Comparison is one of the deadliest traits to humankind. Women call it jealousy and men claim it’s competition. Either way, you place yourself on an undeserved pedestal that will never match up to the perception you have in your head because you based it off someone else. Get your own damn life!

Once I sit back and think, I'd much rather have a long awaited coincidence than a premature arrangement where things just seem to gel. My adoration for whatever that “thing” is will be so much more intense and covered in such a deep appreciation. That passion for a career, degree, family or whatever I’ve worked for . . . being able to love unconditionally, live abundantly and the ability to embrace everything surrounding me at that specified time . . . I would just rather go through all the strife and pain to savor the moment and all that it encompasses just to say “I did it on my own.”

This is a challenge for you to alter your perspective. Learn from the past, Live in the now, and JUST hope for the future. Time is like a wonderful lover because of the moments we create from it and a selfish whore because we take advantage of it. So use time like you would love and cherish it, appreciate it and know that the fact that you have it is a blessing within itself.

Tiffani Robinson | Elite.

Photo Courtesy: Tumblr