10 Reasons Why Leos Can Be Your Best Friend Or Your Worst Nightmare

by Lyndsay Palianto

Now, I may be a bit biased, but just how everyone else miraculously relates to his or her sign, I believe I am the true definition of a Leo.

However, for the majority of my childhood, through the awkward prepubescent times and into my teenage years, I was living a lie. I always thought my sign was a Cancer.

So, as most people do with their astrological signs, I filled my life with Cancerian paraphernalia.

You know, things like stickers, t-shirts, thongs and coffee mugs, because I was trying to fit in with the rest of the moon children out there.

However, something was off.

I never could relate to my astrology readings and my inner Leo always seemed to shine through. So it wasn't a shock or a disappointment when I realized I was not a Cancer and let my true Leo persona roar.

You see, the thing about Leos is that with this strong astrological sign comes a strong personality. I have found I am both a best friend (my sister's) and a worst nightmare (also my sister's.)

Leos can be your best friend because they are:

Confident (Or Cocky)

Leos exude confidence, which, in turn, can rub off on you.

When your Leo friend owns who he or she is, you tend to admire the person more, and wish you possessed half of that confidence. (Just to be clear, it is confidence, not cockiness, right?)

Leos are very much social butterflies. Even when they don't feel like it, they can always play the part. They can be great wingmen by striking up a conversation and then stepping aside.

And although it isn't easy for them to give up the spotlight, for you, bestie, they will.

You may find you have this poise about you when you are in the company of a Leo, and for that, my friend, you are welcome.


Their confidence fuels their ambition.

They are very determined people, and it is partly their confidence that allows them to pursue those aspirations. You may find your Leo friend inspires you to try new things or to go after your dreams.

If you see someone close to you making it happen, you will feel like things are possible for you as well.


Leos love attention. There is no doubt about that, but as much as they like to take (and we do take!), they also love to give.

Leos are compassionate people, though you may not see that through their tough exterior. They have a bad rep for being too caught up in themselves and very self-centered, but one thing is for sure: They are never too self-absorbed to help anyone who needs it.

When it comes down to it, they have huge hearts and will always be there for you.


She is your best friend for many reasons, but nothing beats her loyalty to you. You can tell your Leo friend anything and know it will not leave her lips.

Leos will have your back no matter what the situation may be. Much like lions, Leos care for and are very protective of the people they love, so beware of the prowess of a Leo.


Leos are full of life and love to live fiercely. They are so much fun to be around with their infectious personalities, and will take you along for the ride.

They are full of encouraging words and motivational mottos. As much as they want to succeed, they want their best friend to as well because it's just not as much fun to do so alone.

However, Leos can also be your worst nightmare because they are:


These attention-seeking, limelight-loving Leos just can't get enough.

They love the spotlight and will always try to outshine others, even their best friends! (I'm sorry, we just can't help it.)

If you are out in public with them, you know they will be hogging all the attention, so it's probably best to leave them to it, or better yet, just leave them behind.

See ya!


Leos are very independent people, but they love an audience and prefer not to be alone.

They always have to be in control and can get super bossy, which can get frustrating for you. You did not sign up to be a puppet in the production of their life.

Leave the dictatorship at the office, Leo, and let your friends live!


Everything is usually over-the-top when it comes to Leos. If her boyfriend broke up with her, she can't go on living without him. If she can't decide on an outfit, she is not going out tonight.

You get the picture.

Leos can turn the simplest of situations into the most dramatic, and that can get exhausting. They seem to think the world is their stage, and they are always putting on a performance.


If you ever get in an argument with a Leo, don't expect an apology.

Much like a lion, they are built on pride, and are as stubborn as they come. Just as you wouldn't mess with a lion, don't mess with Leos because they will always forgive, but will never forget.


Leo, you're so vain, I bet you think this article is about you; well it is, so read up.

You may often catch your bestie losing interest in what you're saying because she got lost in her own reflection (so rude.)

Leos are who they are, and one thing they will not do is hide that. They are proud people and their mantra is usually, “I love me, who do you love?”

And right now, Leo, it's not you!