5 Reasons Leo Moms Are The Fiercest Type Of Parents In The Zodiac

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Leo women are typically known for being queens.

They legitimately think the universe revolves around them. They thrive on drama and love glitz and glam.

Walk into a Leo's apartment, and you'll likely see an ostentatious chandelier hanging with bold colors on the walls. Even the Leos who pretend to be shy thrive on attention.

These women are natural-born leaders, with the ability to achieve all of their dreams.

Motivated by praise and appreciation, the Leo woman is typically a big personality. The do everything on a grand scale, from showing love to feeling hurt.

When a Leo woman becomes a mom, she takes all her personality traits with her.

From never always being the biggest cheerleader of her child to having high expectations, having a Leo mom comes with a lot of love and a big personality. It's fun and challenging, all at the same time.

As a child of a Leo woman, I know firsthand how rewarding and heart-warming it is to have a Leo mom on your side.

Here are five ways to tell your mom is a born and bred Leo:

1. They show their pride.

Leo moms love big, and they love hard. They are showy, affectionate and forever leaving lipstick stains on your checks.

They will go to every sports game and have a massive sign, all while rooting the loudest for you. Everyone will know your name by the end of the game from all the shouting.

This starts from the beginning. They will record every milestone, from your first steps to your first poop, to your first graduation.

They live for these big moments because they come away with a sense of pride, which lights them up. They truly believe their children are their greatest accomplishments (and will share that with anyone within earshot). Their home is filled with all of the Mother's Day cards, trophies, degrees and whatever other sentimental stuff she's got in her castle.

2. They're the strictest of parents.

Being a natural-born leader, Leo moms are boss. They know when and how to lay down the law.

Thinking about sneaking out? You better think twice if you have Leo mom. (I've learned the hard way.)

However, these moms have incredible ambition, which sets quite the example for their children. These moms will do whatever it takes to protect their kids. Keeping them safe and protected is their first priority.

Even if a Leo mom is struggling financially, she will make damn sure her kids have every possible advantage. From schmoozing with the board of the private prep school to getting the best tutor she can find, a Leo mom will go all out to make sure her kids are getting the best.

3. They're open and honest.

Leo moms have no shame, not even about their past. They will divulge all the dirty, unpleasant, rebellious things about their lives.

Whether they fell madly in love with a bad boy from Boston or went clubbing in New York City in the '70s, you'll know it all (and boy, is it juicy).

But rather than sheltering their kids, Leo moms will encourage their children's creativity, which may have kept me out of trouble.

4. They're a little self-centered.

They literally think they are the center of the universe, and who could blame them? Leo is ruled by the sun, you know, the thing our entire solar system revolves around.

Kids of Leo moms may feel like they need to live up to the legacy of achievements of their moms. (Imagine living up to the legacy of Leo mom Jennifer Lopez?)

But if you're lucky enough, you'll get a Leo mom who makes sure to remind you your success or achievements don't make you worthy of her love. She loves you just as you are.

For her, normal is more than enough (even if deep down you know she wants something more).

5. They're drama queens.

"Oh my god" is most likely a phrase they utter on the regular.

They will leave you frantic voicemails wondering where you are if you haven't texted them back in the last 30 minutes. Shorten that time if you live in a different state or even country.

If there is a problem, she needs to be able to fix it immediately. And she goes to extremes.

She'll immediately jump to the conclusion you've either been abducted or that you've been in a tragic accident and are in the hospital. (Clearly, I'm immune to this chaos.)

Leo moms are usually the ones making mountains out of molehills. Overreacting is an understatement when it comes to the Leo mom.

Leo moms are wonderful parents. They may overreact to a failed test or create legacies that are hard for their children to live up to. But, they are lovers at heart.

Deep down, they really are softies who love affection. They may have a hard time showing it, but it's there.

They are fiercely protective, and having a parent who will go out of her way to make sure her kid is safe, healthy and secure is a wonderful talent.

They are loud and bold and can be embarrassing, but that's just how they show their pride and affection.