What I Learned About Life When I Stopped Complaining About It

by Carolyn

Complaining is a deadly cycle that if not caught quickly and stopped, can easily become a habit of reaction.

It fuels the fire to your depressing life and gives you a platform to express your frustrations. It's addictive like a cigarette: temporarily satisfying, but damaging in the long-run.

I can't tell you the number of hours I've wasted complaining about stupid shit.

In fact, I could probably accumulate years worth of precious time spent in my own head complaining about anything and everything.

"No one is pulling their weight at work but me."

"This person can't drive for shit."

"Why's the weather so crappy today?"'

..And that's just a small sample of the kind of thoughts that repeatedly ran through my mind on a daily basis.

One day, I thought to myself, "What is complaining doing for me? It doesn't change my circumstance. It doesn't make it better. In fact, if anything I feel worse after it.

Here's the truth about people who complain: They believe they are victims.

They believe that the current status of their life is not any of their responsibility. That life "happens" to you, and is not a cumulated result of the decisions and mindsets you chose to have that got you to where you are at today.

They complain about a job they hate because they "have no choice" but to be there.

They complain that their marriage sucks because "their spouse is not trying hard enough."

They blame everyone and everything else for their crappy lives because they believe that they are helpless, powerless victims.

Thus, these people will always lose in the game of life.

I replaced complaining with taking action.

You see, the winners have a different strategy. They don't let the stupidity of their own ideas and made-up fears restrict them from living a fabulous life.

They know that the level of success they achieve in life is determined by the limiting beliefs they have.

They are humble enough to know that the world in its' imperfection will not adjust to meet their needs, but that they must adjust themselves in order for their needs to be met by the world.

Have you ever met or heard of those people who no matter what difficult circumstance they've been thrown, still always win in life?

The strategy is simple: They don't put the blame on anyone else. They don't blame their age, race, sex, government, set backs, upbringing or family reputation for their misfortunes in life.

There's simply no excuse for them to settle for a satisfactory life. They are 100 percent responsible for the outcome of their life.

What if you believed that the only reason why your life is satisfactory, is because of no one else but you?

When I began believing this, I stopped being a victim of my own life.

I was not happy living with the people I lived with, so I moved out. There were people in my life that caused mental harm and stress for me, so I disassociated from them.

I felt I wasn't being paid enough, so I found a way to make more. I was in a relationship I knew was going nowhere, so I left.

I replaced complaining with taking action.

Instead of continuing to sit in my own shit and complaining of the smell, I got off my ass and changed the things I was not happy with in my life.

I no longer was "putting up with it" because I "had to." I put up with things because I chose to.

Most importantly, I became a victor of my life, not a victim.

My life changed the moment I made the decision to start winning.