9 Last Minute Things To Do When You're Bored This Weekend

It's been on your calendar for a month: a Saturday day-date with your bestie. Brunch, rooftop day-drinking, tipsy downtown shopping (did someone say treat yourself?), happy hour, then eventually Thai food and Real Housewives at your apartment, which will ultimately end in the both of you sprawled on the couch as Countess Luann's “Chic C'est La Vie” softly lulls you to sleep.

The perfect Saturday from start to finish, right?

Right. That is, until your so-called BFF hits you with that “don't kill me…” text at 8 pm on Friday and bails. Maybe she blames it on boyfriend drama (ugh, couples), or maybe it's actually something legit like the flu or a family obligation. Whatever the excuse, the fact remains: She bailed last minute, and it sucks.

Now you're left with a whole Saturday to yourself because OF COURSE everyone else you know made enviable plans ages ago.

But before you put on your I-feel-bad-for-myself sweatpants (you know the ones) and resign yourself to a weekend spent in bed with your laptop on one side and empty Chinese takeout boxes on the other (ooh la la), we've got some good news for you. A wide open Saturday doesn't have to be a total wash — it can actually be pretty glorious if you know how to spend it.

So, put down the delivery menu, pause Netflix and get ready for some spontaneous fun. (Just spray in a little Batiste Dry Shampoo to make sure your hair is on-point no matter what spur-of-the-moment decisions you make.)

Here are some fun and (at least semi-) productive last-minute things to do this weekend.

1. Purge your closet.

Take a heartless approach to your wardrobe and get rid of pieces that don't fit, are damaged beyond repair or haven't been worn in recent memory. Make your local Goodwill very happy and let it go, girl.

2. Treasure hunt at vintage stores.

With all this newfound closet space, now's a perfect time to shop. Research the best thrift and vintage spots near you, and seek out some statement pieces, like bomber jackets and oversized denim.

3. Try a new workout (then treat yourself after).

We get it: You do yoga on Sundays and hit the gym the recommended three or four times per week. That's great, but it's also kind of boring and you should try something new. A gritty boxing class or a hip-hop choreography lesson will shake up your routine, and it'll give you the ultimate excuse to treat yourself to a fancy cocktail afterwards.

4. Check out the farmers' market while you catch up with a friend.

Call up a friend you haven't talked to in a while and meet up for a stroll through the local farmers' market (don't forget a reusable bag unless you want to be judged harshly). Stock up on whatever strikes your fancy, then head back to one of your houses, break out the wine and whip up something that's as seasonal as it is Instagram-worthy.

5. Finally nail that elusive beauty look.

As much as we adore the natural (read: lazy) look, your beauty routine could probably use a little spicing up. Now's the time to perfect that fierce cat-eye or celebrity-level contour. Give yourself permission to spend an hour or two in front of the mirror, playing a YouTube tutorial on loop until you get it right.

6. Do something cultural (on the cheap).

Turn off the Kardashians marathon (no judgement, but 4 episodes is enough), and hit up a local theater or music venue for day-of rush tickets. They tend to be steeply discounted, and you can walk around the rest of the day feeling oh-so-cultured.

7. “Deep clean” your liquor cabinet.

You know all those dusty bottles lining your liquor cabinet, with only a shot or two left in them? Clear up some space and play bartender for the day. Mix up some random cocktails with leftover booze plus whatever else you have on hand. Your roommates will love you forever — that is, if you decide to share. (We won't blame you if you don't.)

8. Create your very own walking tour of your city.

Lace up your sneaks and do some research on buildings with architectural and/or historical significance in your town, then weave your way through the streets and learn something new about the place you live.

The other option is to just glom onto a touristy Segway tour. That works too.

9. Treat yourself to a fancy solo lunch.

You know that hot new French place where you can never manage to snag a reservation? Well, it's a whole lot easier to get a table for one! (Actually, it's best to sit at the bar so everyone sees how confident you are.) Bring a novel you've been meaning to dive into, and enjoy some very sophisticated me-time. How very Carrie Bradshaw of you.