Why The Language You Use Will Influence Everything Around You

Communication is defined as the act or process of using words or behaviors to express or exchange information, ideas, thoughts or feelings.

In any relationship, it is imperative to have effective communication as a facilitator for growth and/or stability. The disconnect in most, if not all, relationships is lost in communication, or the lack thereof.

How the other person elicits his or her response is a direct indication of the effectiveness in the words they choose to express themselves.

It was once explained that the highest level of communication is only effective when the person communicating elicits the response from their intent.

The more powerful the intent and integrity of the imparted words gives more credence to the person communicating in the highest form of self-expression.

Having integrity with your words is a moral imperative that serves as a visa for the words to flow freely from the individual to the recipient void of any bordering miscommunication or misinterpretation.

The language you use to express yourself and or communicate your intent or information is a reflection of who you are.

Take into account the words you use, the language you speak and the effects of your communication in your relationships. If the reality or results of your communication is not consistent with your intent, then source the words back to their origin and search for the perversion.

"Your language is a reflection of your life" - Jamel Davenport