5 Ways To Tell You Landed The Job While You're Still In The Interview

During the job search process, you're always looking for positive affirmations. You're wondering what it means when your interviewer says, “We'll be in touch.” You're freaking out that you haven't received an email two days after your first-round interview. It's incredibly stressful not knowing what the final decision will be, and feeling like you have no control over it.

Luckily, there are hints along the way that let you know you're an extremely competitive candidate. While these hints don't necessarily guarantee that you got the job, if you're noticing any of the signs below, then we have five words for you: Go get some celebratory fro-yo.

1. You meet with the entire team.

Your 30-minute interview has turned into an hour and a half-long meeting. Your interviewer keeps saying things like, “Do you have an extra 10 minutes? I'd love for you to talk to Brad and Shauna.” You're thinking, "Who are all these people?"

Meeting multiple people at once during your interview is an extremely good sign. It means your interviewer is seriously considering you as a candidate and wants to make sure you mesh well with your potential co-workers.

The best way for you to handle this situation is to treat every person as if he or she has the same amount of say in the decision-making process. If you continue putting your best foot forward, the rest of the team will be able to see and confirm the qualities that make you a great candidate for the position.

2. You're shown an extremely detailed part of the role.

No, your interviewer is not showing the password-coded, company-specific admin area to all the candidates. So if this happens to you during an interview, it's another good sign that your interviewer is envisioning you in this role and wants you to seriously consider the responsibilities and tasks you will be managing.

Be attentive and ask a lot of questions as you're taken through the company's processes. Ask about what former employees have struggled with when encountering the system (or when facing tasks within the role) and ask what they've done well. Make sure you have a clear idea of expectations and how you should go about executing any tasks in the role.

3. You're asked about your expectations for salary.

If an interviewer is asking about what you're looking for in terms of salary, you can bet your bottom dollar that this person is thinking about hiring you. Your answer should not affect whether or not your interviewer gives you an offer, but you should be well-prepared to respond to this question.

Do your research on Glassdoor about the typical salary offered at the company and for roles like yours at other companies. Then say something like, “I'm expecting a typical salary for this role, and according to my research this ranges from X to X.” Remember, now is not the time to negotiate salary. You'll only need to worry about that if you get a formal offer.

4. They're asking around about you.

If your interviewers are contacting the professional references you've provided, the company wants to make sure it has all the information it needs before making a final decision. Word on the street? You're totally employable.

5. They're asking when you can start.

This one speaks for itself. If they're asking this question, they want to know if you're available to start working soon. It's an important factor to consider in any hiring decision.

It's tempting to respond, “As soon as possible!” However, you need to make sure you have some time to relax before embarking on your new career. If you're changing jobs, it's a good idea to let them know that you will need two weeks to wrap up your responsibilities in your current role and a week off between jobs.

If you've just graduated, and you're able to afford a little time off, then asking for a week off won't hurt. Just let your interviewer know you're flexible by saying, “I'd ideally like to start a week after I receive an offer, but I'm happy to discuss this if you need me to start earlier.”

You can rest assured that the hard work you put into your job search is being recognized. Your interviewers are considering you of all the candidates who applied for the position. Fingers crossed. We hope that offer letter is coming soon.

This article was originally published on WayUp.