It's The Little Things: 10 Signs You're Weirdly Okay Being An Adult

by Alex Schnee

It may have sneaked up on you.

One moment you're a kid just graduating from college and the next, you have your own apartment and a firm (but flexible) Netflix schedule.

You didn't think adulthood would be such a daily thing, or that it would simply become a part of your life.

You thought being an adult was almost like an extended episode of "Friends," but quickly learned it's the little things that end up making the most impact.

Here are some unexpected signs that you've become an adult and weirdly, you're okay with it:

1. You'll go to the club, but you already have a show on Netflix queued and would almost rather watch that.

Remember when you could enter the hottest spot in town with no questions asked?

When dancing the night away and getting home at 4 am was a typical Saturday night (well, Sunday morning)?

Now it sounds like hell. You want to go to bed at a decent 11 pm and you couldn't be happier than when you're accompanied by "House of Cards."

2. All you want for Christmas is that new panini maker/egg beater/something practical.

You used to hate cooking, and you couldn't imagine a day when a ramen dinner wouldn't suffice.

Plus, gift-receiving holidays were always the best time to go all out and ask for something completely unnecessary or unrealistic.

However, this Christmas, you find yourself eyeing a new sheet set or wondering whether you might get a Keurig because you will use it everyday, and those things are awesome.

3. You used to make plans the day before, now you've got to have a week in advance.

The text “Wanna get drinks?” can be taken several ways. If the texter means drinks next Thursday, you're all for it. If he or she means tonight, you blatantly ignore it.

4. You find yourself saying, “Back when I graduated...”

Wait. When did it become a significant amount of time since you wore the cap and gown?

How are your younger siblings doing that now? You actually never thought you would get to this point and manage to live to tell the tale.

5. You used to be the serial dater, and now you've deleted Tinder for good.

Remember the days when you were so proud of your dating record? Maybe “dating” is a strong word.

You “saw” a lot of people and you “hung out” with the ones you liked.

You might have even “hooked up” with the ones you really admired.

Now, you're either sick of the culture or you've met someone, and getting to know that one person has meant more than any of the people you may have met through a dating app or site.

6. You used to have more friends than you could count, now you've got a solid five.

Remember the days when you thought the more Facebook friends you had, the cooler you were?

You've now learned the old saying (that you laughed at when your mother used to preach it to you) “quality over quantity” is not completely unfounded.

You talk to the same people on a daily or weekly basis, but that's because they are continually interesting and have remained solid friends over the years.

7. You used to think you'd always have your college body, and now you know better.

Ah, college: The days when you could get away with hangover food and alcohol as your only stable diet.

Somewhere along the line (probably about a year or two later), you realized that in order to keep everything the way you want it, you have to exercise.

What's more, you've come to realize you actually enjoy hitting up the gym or going on a daily run. It's become a part of (adult alert) your schedule, and you've learned to take responsibility for how you feel.

8. You have fewer, “What am I doing with my life,” meltdowns.

Not to say you don't have them on occasion, but the semiweekly worries about whether or not you were doing something with your life have lessened to semimonthly.

Here's to hoping that it's in direct correlation with how much older you become. Semiannual meltdowns could be on the horizon.

9. You talk to your mother about other things rather than whether your room is clean or not.

You've always gone to your mother for advice, but now it's different.

You don't want her to tell you how to live your life; you just want her opinion on things so you don't end up making stupid decisions.

Your conversations are less about drama and more about the best ways to deal with it. You're glad to have her wisdom around when you are going through your tough days.

10. You've learned to accept there will be bad days.

When you were younger, you thought you would be living your perfect life right now.

You thought you would have a job you adored and paid you millions, a significant other who offered you massages every single hour and potentially a car that all of your friends envied.

You're a bit more realistic now and you know there are the bad days as well as the good.

What's important is you know your Netflix password and you have that massage pillow you wanted for your birthday.

With the right knowledge, adulthood really isn't so bad after all.