It's Okay To Give Up Your Dreams

We all come to that inevitable fork-in-the-road moment when we are forced to make some serious evaluations about the beginning of the rest of our lives. Whether it’s declaring a major, securing a new job, ending/beginning a relationship, or looking for new digs, these are the years of decisions.

For some reason, our society has drilled into our heads that once you hold fast to a dream, it’s weak to let go. Immersed in a time of opportunity, it’s not often that we are told that any goal is out of reach. There is no lack of teachers, mentors and leaders telling us that if we work hard enough, we can have whatever we’d like.

Honestly, this mentality is counterproductive. It isn’t pessimistic to value security over some obscure dream that sucks up more time and energy than one really has.

More often than not, people stick to goals with which they’re most familiar. They found passion for some talent or skill at a young age, and have held fast to it ever since. The only thing attaching them to their trade is the sheer number of years that have been put into doing whatever they have been doing.

There is a huge difference between loving something and actually being good enough at it to make a successful living. It’s likely that the people closest to you would never actually tell you that it’s time to move on. Thus, it is vital to be one’s own harshest critic and voice of reason. Sometimes, a dream can only take you so far.

That being said, a fear of others’ perceptions always propels us away from wanting to give up a goal. This fear is irrational. Your largest mishaps mean nothing to someone else. Watching others make decisive, clean, respectable moves to increase their qualities of life is absolutely admirable.

Think of it more as a cathartic restructuring than a failure. It’s quite possible that the amount of dedication put into one area has completely overshadowed an interest that could have been sparked in a different aspect of life.

At the end of the day, fulfillment is only reached when our mental and physical healths are in their prime; these characteristics won’t be obtained by following the treacherous path to a shattered dream.

Opening a new chapter in your life will abruptly change this downward spiral. You’ll find that maybe there is more than one thing in life that brings you the previously familiar feeling of drive and success.

I do agree that desires deserve to be pursued to a certain point. However, one must realize when such a pursuit turns into a burden lacking means to an end. There’s nothing wrong with a little practical thinking.

Naomi Falk | Elite.

Photo Courtesy: Tumblr