5 Ways To Become A Successful Instagram Brand Ambassador

by Candice Galek

You've seen the girls all over Instagram. They're promoting everything: protein powder, teeth-whitening systems, detox teas and clothing brands. They have hundreds of thousands of followers, and look effortlessly put together. People really want to buy what they're advertising.

If this is something you've always been interested in, put on your big girl pants and take note. Here's a five-step guide to becoming a successful brand ambassador:

1. Sell yourself.

A brand will be looking for someone who best represents its values and personality. You need to let the brand know what makes you a good fit.

If you're applying to a bikini company, it might find someone who spends a lot of time at the beach, travels extensively and has a decent photographer on-hand to be an ideal brand ambassador.

If you are a loyal supporter of a brand -- such as being a past customer or an engaged follower who likes and shares the brand's posts on a regular basis -- you'll be sure to score some bonus points.

2. Build followers and engagement.

If you're well-liked by your followers, it's obvious: not only through the number of likes and comments you get, but also by the type of comments left on the posts.

When your followers give you genuine compliments that are related to the current post, it shows they are attentive and care about what you're showing them. If they're curious about where you got your clothing or accessories from, that's a good sign. It shows that your fans look to you for fashion advice.

This is a major selling point, as not every Instagram model has the same type of following. Be sure to respond to comments and messages, in order to build up a “super fan” base quickly.

3. Create a cohesive look and feel.

The most appealing accounts are those that are easy on the eyes and have clear, concise personalities.

Creating content that people can relate to is the best way to gain an engaged following. This will allow the brands to recognize your account's identity, and will help them gauge whether or not you represent their vibe.

4. Understand the guidelines.

At the end of the day, this is a business transaction. The brand you're representing will expect you to bring in new potential customers, in exchange for products or payment.

Each collaboration is different, but you might expect to gain bragging rights for working with that company, as well as free products and commission on your sales. Some programs even offer discount codes for your followers.

Chances are, you'll be reposted on their social media accounts. This will boost your own following and fan base. It's a win for both parties involved.

5. Conduct yourself in a professional manner.

When it comes to collaborations, the last thing anyone wants to deal with is a drama queen. Don't be rude to your followers (like by responding to a rude comment in an immature or bitchy way), and definitely don't be nasty to the brand you're trying to work with. There are thousands of girls who would kill to be in your position, so don't forget to be humble.

Your account should represent you and the values you hold dearly, so clean up all those drunken party pics from that trip you took with your girlfriends. (You know: the ones where your smudged mascara is clearly from two days prior, and you've spilled a vodka cranberry down your shirt.) Get your account ready for presentation.

Welcome to the mysterious world of being a brand ambassador, where your hard work and determination will set you apart from the rest. Are you ready to clean up your act and get your hustle on? Follow these tips and soon, you'll be everyone's #WCW.