The Most Ingenious Ways Students Cheat On Tests


If there is one thing we learn to do during our academic careers, it is how to cheat and how to do it well. We all have our own methods whether it be hiding a cheat sheet or paying off a nerd only one thing is for certain; we will do anything it takes but study.

However kids these days are really stepping it up and taking it to the next level as you will see.

These are the most ingenious ways students are cheating on tests:

If you're a hot chick write it on your thighs.

If you're un ugly chick, write it on your thumbnail.

If you got a nice rack, put it in your bra.

Write it in your water bottle.

If you have friends, use teamwork.

Or you can write it on your pen.

If you're a stoner, put it on your slurpee.

If you can get away with it, use your phone.

If you have sexy friends, use their sexy legs.

And if you don't get about getting kicked out of school, write it on your arm!

Top Photo Credit: Getty Images