This IG Account Just Described Your Zodiac Sign With Neon Signs And It's Perfect

by Rosey Baker
Sam Burton

We've all gotten to a point where we lose touch with ourselves, looking for a sign to sum up who we are and what's important. I was in that same place when I found astrology. Yes, a lot of people hate to have their lives summed up in just a few words, but I'm not one of them. I don't think that makes me a simpleton, either. In my view, astrology is for people who are so complex they need bullet points on their own personalities in order to stay focused. So if you're looking for a sign, one Instagram user found just that for you -- literally.

This IG account by @MaiaOrion has offered up a sign for everyone in the Zodiac that perfectly sums up their primary interests or characteristics, and I for one, am into it.



Aries likes to go first. Maybe it's because they're the babies of the Zodiac and they're eager to prove themselves as capable, but being number one is of utmost importance to this impulsive sign. They can't help it; they've got the enthusiasm of a Golden Retriever.



Let's be honest, Taurus loves luxury. They hate war, because it's ugly, and most of the time they're either just waking up from or just going down for a nap. This is their slogan.



Gemini doesn't know how to make a decision without choosing two completely different things. The sign of the twins has two faces, and both of them are always fighting for opposite things. Good luck getting these folks to settle down.



Well, yes. Feelings. That pretty much sums up every Cancer you will ever meet. Sensitive AF.



Leos might seem conceited, but at least they know what they like. They like themselves. Let them be an inspiration to you.



One thing I can say about a Virgo is that in spite of their lack of emotional displays, at least you always know where you stand with them. They aren't gonna put on a show for you if they don't find you interesting. They're real as hell.



John Lennon was a Libra, and the lyrics to the classic song, "All You Need Is Love," perfectly sum up the world view of the sign of justice, fairness, and equality.



This is just how every Scorpio starts a conversation with someone they've never met, whether it's on the train or at a job interview.



The sign of expansion, ruled by the planet Jupiter, might give in to a little overindulgence from time to time, but so what? At least they can keep a party going.



The more coffee you drink, the faster you can make money. The faster you make money, the sooner you take over the world, which is every Capricorn's ultimate life purpose.



Aquarius would be the first to start a revolution and then leave when the march gets too crowded. They're here to create change, not interpersonal relationships.



Pisces is always walking the line between what's real and what they've imagined, until they reach an understanding that what they imagine becomes real, and what is real is a product of what they've imagined. If you don't get it, you're probably not a Pisces, which is your loss, loser.

Maia Orion is an actress who was featured in HBO's Flight of The Concords, and has been featured on CollegeHumor. Follow her for more astrological gems and for e-readings.