10 Ice Cream Cart Wedding Pics That Prove Your Big Day Needs Something That Sweet

MN Studio/ Shuttershock

As much as people should want to go to your wedding because it's a special day to share, you can pique their interest with an added cherry on top. Bring back everyone's childhood nostalgia by parking an adorable ice cream cart in the center of your wedding reception. How sweet (and downright delicious) would that be?

Since no one should be rocking sneakers on your special day anyway, ditch the whole running after the ice cream man ordeal, and place everyone's favorite treat next to the dessert table. As sweet as your special day will ultimately be, adding ice cream will most definitely seal the deal.

If you aren't sold just yet, a few of these ice cream cart wedding photos just may might change your taste.

1. It's Time To Stuff Cuteness In A Cone

HIRE DALTONS LUXURY ICE CREAM CART FOR YOUR #WEDDING #EVENT #PARTY or #CHRISTENING. Message for a personal quote! — Daltons (@DaltonsDairy) July 18, 2017

You're never too old for a scoop of ice cream. Any special day becomes that much more sacred with a commemorative ice cream cone. Cheers to sugary goodness.

2. You Had Us At Cute Vests And Hats

Make your wedding personal @MottramHall by adding fun touches like a traditional ice cream cart at a summer wedding #weddinghour #inspo — Mottram Hall (@MottramHall) May 10, 2017

There are a million ways to dress up ice cream with your favorite toppings. Once you start putting the people serving the ice cream in cute hats, we're totally sold. Are those hats for sale, though? Honestly, I'm asking for a friend.

3. I'm Not Drooling; You Are

Available to hire, wedding and events, ice cream cart packages start from £250 but can be tailored to suit everyone @SignatureOneLtd — The Ice Bar (@TheIceBar) December 9, 2016

Having options in any area is comforting as hell. Choosing an ice cream flavor and an ice cream cart is no different. And because some of these carts have wheels, find comfort in playing with a few possible locations.

4. Time To Ride Off Into The Chocolate And Vanilla Sunset

Hire our ice cream cart 'Peggy' for your wedding or event for as little as £230 #icecreamtrike #wedding2016 #events — Ice Cream Cart Co. (@icecreamcartco) March 25, 2016

Anyone could have the location they got married at in their pictures. It's normal. Stand out and make one of these awesome ice cream carts your wedding prop. Even your great, great grandkids will swoon.

5. Regardless Of The Theme, The Ice Cream Steals The Show

Ice Cream Cart & Tricycle Hire - We provide FREE theming & amazing #Icecream @BrentwoodCentre #Essex #wedding — Ice Cream Cart (@IceCreamCart) February 21, 2016

Again, everyone takes their ice cream differently. That rule still applies when decking out your own cart to suit your liking. People will certainly get the hint.

6. Can These Ice Cream Carts Get Any Sweeter?

Ice cream cart in Cadbury purple at todays wedding fair — 99 Sweet Sensations (@99SSensations) March 13, 2016

Have you booked yours yet? This cute wedding addition is what anyone missing their childhood days has be dreaming of. You just get to do adult things, like get married, too.

7. Yes, That's Your Heart Actually Melting

Leopold's Ice Cream is featured on @MarthaWedding's list of wedding ice cream cart ideas >> — Visit Savannah (@VisitSavannah) February 2, 2016

There's no shame at all in going ham with an ice cream cart at your wedding. If all else fails, there's ice cream, which can reverse any dampened mood. It's the little things, right?

8. Are You Sure We Aren't Kids Again?

Our Ice Cream Cart, perfect for your wedding, celebration or corporate event — 99 Sweet Sensations (@99SSensations) January 26, 2016

Thanks for bringing back all of the kid-like feels. There's nothing wrong with taking everyone back to those carefree summer days of eating ice cream with an endless amount of sprinkles. Oh, and dreaming about what your second scoop will be.

9. Suddenly, Waiting In Line Isn't A Big Deal, Huh?

The UK's leading Ice Cream Cart & Tricycle Hire Company - Themed & Branded for your event, #wedding #bride — Ice Cream Cart (@IceCreamCart) January 13, 2016

Anticipation is the overall feeling at weddings. Everyone's waiting for the bride, then the newly formed Mr. and Mrs. No one will be complaining at all waiting for ice cream.

10. One Ticket To Sweet, Creamy Greatness, Please

Idea of the Day: ice cream cart at your wedding reception | Photo: Jose Villa Photography #aaideaoftheday — Alfred Angelo (@AlfredAngelo) September 29, 2015

All in all, these carts are so beautiful, the groom may mistakenly walk it down the aisle. Let's hope this is after you've gotten your share of scoops. In all honesty though, you can't go wrong with one of these babies.

With an ice cream cart at any wedding, hearts are no longer the only things with the potential to melt, but give your guest a sweet memory that'll last forever. Just like every moment counts, so does every scoop.