How Women Contributed To The Making Of The New Millennial Man

by Contributing Writer

A specific style, music, movies and other fleeting cornerstones of society identify specific generations. Accepted gender archetypes also contribute to the marking of these generations, whether we like to believe it or not.

Where many men once valued a deep connection with a lifelong partner, it has now become commonplace to boast of multiple notches in their headboards. While many women once longed for providers and figures of stability, they now fall head-over-heels for the first guy who shows complete disinterest.

As a man, I understand I am a far cry from what the typical “gentleman” used to be. What I am here to tell you, ladies, is that you made us this way. Here’s how:

1. Clothing

Back in “the day,” gentlemen were suit-bearing, single-malt-sipping Sinatra’s. Today, we take too long to turn the professional corner and instead dress in simple slacks and button downs every day. For men, the first year out of school does not include the cash flow necessary to dress oneself like a speakeasy regular.

Many women want the bad boys who wear whatever they want. Men subconsciously pick up on this and buy into it.

2. Courtship

Throughout the decades, there has been a drastic evolution in the way relationships function. By leafing through black and white photos, the Millennial woman may think that all relationships of yesteryear were glorious and romantically infused.

However, while our generation has probably contributed to a fall from grace of the “traditional” courtship, it’s simply an inaccuracy that we blindly glorify relationships of such. However, I do agree that volatile relationships and less commitment denote our generation.

As much as I love the women of our generation, they seem to baffle themselves; many women chase guys who seem to not care for them and instead lead them on.

How can it ever work when one person’s whole game plan was built on deceiving the other? This accepted behavior has turned more genuine, stable men I know into more careless assh*les than I can count.

3. Communication

It was only a matter of time until technology provided our main channels of communication: sad and impersonal. Many men of the past would enjoy talking on the phone for hours with women about an interesting topic late into the night, but given today’s technology, this doesn’t happen so much anymore.

When women initiate conversation, it seems to always be via text, leaving men to reciprocate the action. We call up our buddies and chat because they will do the same.

It is not out of your realm to call us, ladies; if anything, hearing your voice is less annoying and more efficient than a vague, texted “heyyy, how r u?” Give a little to get a little, ladies. Stop poking me on Facebook and pick up the phone.

Men are the same as they have always been. Times have changed. Evolution is an inescapable process, so we learn and adapt to keep us relevant.

In a time far different from the days of our grandparents, our women have made us the way we are — and they hate us for it.

Perhaps it is another crowning quality of our generation to not take responsibility for our actions.

Photo credit: Art Mix Creative