5 Lifehacks To Be More Successful With Both Dating And Dieting


What do bathing suits and boys have in common? It's extremely difficult to find the perfect fit in both.

As the seasons change and we start pulling off the layers, noticing the remnants of hot chocolate and snow-day dinners in our thighs and stomachs, it also becomes time to look at the guys in our lives who may be best kept stored away with the winter sweaters.

Dieting and relationships seem to correlate well with each other, so if either are resolution items on your list, listen up, ladies, it's time to give things another shot.

Put down that donut, stop typing that text you'll regret in the morning and remember these five ways to not fail at your summer diets or relationships:

1. Be realistic.

When it comes to losing weight, don't just say, "I want to lose X pounds." Instead say, "I want to feel happy." Confidence is the first part of a successful diet, and that comes with being happy with yourself.

If he's not texting you back during the day and only at night, he isn't going to change. Don't allow him to play hard-to-get because if he wants you, he will make it known.

2. Don't binge.

Sorry to say, but life isn't one big Netflix account, and having a box of Oreos is not the same as watching an entire season of "House of Cards." The key here is moderation.

Have self-control and ask yourself whether you would feel happy if you ate that whole box. Don't go cold turkey if you can't handle it.

So, you've been a good girl and haven't texted or seen him… great! Just don't go out, get drunk and think, "Well, we haven't talked in forever, so he definitely doesn't think I want him."

By suddenly reaching out to him (after he hasn't tried to contact you once), you allow him to win. Don't think one night together doing something you regret cancels out those two weeks where you refrained from texting him.

3. Don't compare.

Looking on Pinterest or Instagram at all of those girls you wish you looked like won't help the cause; in fact, it will only make you more critical of yourself and set you up for failure. Don't obsess over what you want to look like; instead, just be healthy.

So, he has a new girlfriend or fling. So what? She isn't you because he can't handle you. If you continue to look at her versus you, it will only hurt you more.

Also, don't tell yourself you need to do something to change his mind. I'll be blunt here: He already made up his mind.

4. Wake up fresh.

Get in an early-morning workout to start the day feeling great. Not only will working out early help you to wake up, but also, the effects will last throughout the day. Have a healthy, well-balanced breakfast to give your blood sugar that kick it needs to get you going.

Turn off your phone. Looking at his social media or past text messages will only give you the satisfaction of remembering the few good times you had together. When reality hits, it'll only make you more upset knowing it won't happen again.

5. Be strong.

Not giving up applies to both diet and relationships. Starting a diet or ending a relationship isn't easy, and there's no set formula that will make it better.

Instead, have great friends and relatives around you who know what you're going through. This will push you to focus on your own self-worth and happiness. Ultimately, it truly is all about us, and you have to do whatever it is that feels natural and healthy.

You can do it!