How To Start Your Day On A Good Note When You're Not A Morning Person

by Robelle Espada

We all go through it: the slow movement, the looking over at the blue, blinking light that shines in our eyes as we try to focus long enough to see what time it is. It's time to get up; it's morning.

There are a fortunate few who don't have to deal with the struggle of waking up every morning and wishing they could stay in the comfort of their beds (or the couches). These are the few who wake up smiling, with outstretched arms to welcome the new day.

Then, there's the rest of us: the population that denies the hours that come before noon. We’re the ones who see the sun shining through our windows and bury ourselves deeper under our sheets. Why must we get up and deal with the world, today? What would happen if we didn't grace everyone with our presence?

Well, you'd be surprised by what happens when you decide not to get up. Here are ways to help with the daily struggle of morning, for all of those "I'm not a morning person" people:

Have a stretch in bed.

I know this might sound lame, but it's a wonder how the simple act of moving your limbs — even if you're still in bed — will overhaul your morning blues.

It can be an act as small as wiggling your arms and legs or even just reaching as far as you can for a couple of minutes. Take your time stretching. Do some yoga in bed if you have enough energy. There's no rush here. You are still in bed, after all.

Ask for a nice wake-up call.

This is when it comes in handy to have a roommate who loves the birds chirping and light coming through the windows every morning.

These people can help to brighten up your morning. When they make breakfast and coffee, ask them to wake you up and have some with them. If they play music and dance around, ask them to blast it loud enough so that it gets you up, dancing and singing with them.

If you don't live with anyone, ask someone to actually give you a morning call to wish you a wonderful day or give you a little kick in the butt to get you going.

I know, these are also the people who can be obnoxiously happy while you're drowning in sorrow about needing to move during these wee, early hours. But, give them a chance; they obviously see something you don't.

Open your blinds before you go to sleep.

Okay, before you stop reading here, hear me out. I know it burns when the sun hits your skin in the morning, but the sun wakes up your senses and tells your brain that it's time to get up.

So, even if you don't want to get up, your brain will begin to move your muscles and pump your heart. Your body will literally begin to wake you up.

Set more than one alarm, with purpose.

This is real. I do this and to my dismay, it works. Many of you will not want to do this, but please, give it a shot.

I have an alarm that goes off 30 minutes before the alarm that warns me I'll be late if I don't sluggishly slip out of bed. The purpose of the first alarm is for me to start making my coffee.

Maybe you're wondering, why not just set one alarm that allows you enough time to make coffee and do your morning routine? Well, if you have something that really matters to you, you’ll get out of bed to do it. If it’s not coffee, maybe it’s turning on your curling iron, or something else.

Some people might find it difficult to go back to sleep after making an effort to do something. I simply suggest this as a way to help deal with mornings because it gets you moving and out of that heavenly cocoon of blankets.

Lie back down after the first alarm, sure, but now, at least you're somewhat of a coherent human being. Now, you won't want to chuck your alarm at the wall when it rings, when you actually need to get up.

You’re probably still thinking, "I hate mornings." Well, so do I, but these things may help to make things easier.

I've embraced how much I don't like mornings. There are few things in my life that help me get through them. I’ve come to realize that the people who put a smile on my face during the morning hours might be the only part of getting out of bed that I don't hate.

Still, I am so not a morning person.

Photo credit: Shutterstock