How To Cut Out The Noise And Focus On Improving Your Self-Perception

by Athena Aquino

It's fairly easy to submit to negativity, to entertain pessimism and to blame the universe for every misfortune.

When asked about your insecurities and frustrations, it's almost automatic to cite at least five.

But, when asked what you truly love about yourself, you struggle to think of even just one.

It is in our nature to dwell on things instead of being grateful for what we have, criticizing rather than complimenting, and complaining about things we can't do and we can't have instead of working hard to attain them.

One's light is often overshadowed by clouds of self-doubt and irrelevant judgment.

We are so used to hearing only what others have to say about us that we don't even consider how we view ourselves.

And because of this conformity promoted by society, we choose to follow what others think is best for us and what others think is acceptable and becoming of us.

More often than not, what they want clashes with what we want for ourselves. This is where everything gets problematic.

The first step toward unveiling the best light behind those dark clouds is to shut people's opinions out.

You don't need people telling you to change your clothes just because it's not the most flattering ensemble they have seen you put on.

You don't need people telling you to stop listening and quoting such explicit songs because it's unbecoming for a lady like you.

You don't need people telling you to stop going after someone you specifically like because all girls should be the ones being chased on and not the other way around.

You don't need people ruining your Monday mornings at work by telling you how tired you look.

You don't need these people in your life, so learn to shut out the wrong ones. No one needs the excess baggage.

Now that all you have is yourself and the right people, it's time to explore the beautiful aspects of life.

It's time to learn how to focus on yourself, to further your strengths and even to recognize your own shortcomings.

Think of ways you can help yourself excel, find new things that stimulate and interest you and take a chance on new people.

Don't let a day pass without giving yourself the proper recognition you deserve.

It could be for coming into work early, for helping an old lady cross the street, for a job well done at work or for just simply making someone smile.

Most of the time, these small things are the ones that matter most, so don't deprive yourself of a little appreciation here and there. You owe it to yourself.

Invest some time in what you love doing, and never let anyone or anything slow you down. Save your energy, and stop dwelling on the hindrances that may come your way.

They're present for a reason, but they're not there to stop you or make you feel like you aren't good enough.

Think of criticisms as unsolicited advice because they're considered compliments in their own way.

People wouldn't criticize something they didn't put too much time reading or looking at, right?

Most of the time, people call out your work because they believe you can improve.

Never forget to always be grateful for what you have. Take the time to appreciate everything and everyone around you that makes you better in every way.

Save your precious time and energy for the people and things that matter most. Let go of those who no longer serve you or make you happy.

Respect yourself enough to walk away from those who make everything heavy, from everything that makes you doubt yourself and from those who cast those dark gray clouds on your best light.

Be grateful for those who stayed, who continued to love you on your sad days and who stood by on the sidelines and watched you grow into the beautiful person you are now.

If it weren't for their tireless cheering and constant pep talks, you wouldn't have pushed yourself to do the things you never thought you could and reach greater heights.

These people are such rare finds, so value and take care of them as much as they have for you.

Always remember that when all else fails, you still have yourself at the end of the day. And that is more than enough.

We may have our fair share of gray days, but don't let them lead you to forget about the light inside of you.

Never let a bump in the road knock you off track because you are so much more stronger than you think you are.

So, go out there, shine and be the best light you can be.