How To Heal A Broken Heart (Or At Least Try To)

by Lauren Martin

There's no known pain on this earth worse than that of a broken heart. No matter what the scholars say, there is a physical pain involved in having your heart ripped in two. A pain that stays with you long past the superficial wounds of a physical blow. Unlike a real blow to the chest or punch to the gut, this pain doesn't go away. It stays with you, day after day, becoming a chronic ache.

When someone you love rips your heart out, there is nothing to do but weep and try to move on. Because life is pain and heartache is just another hard truth we must learn to face. Because there is no greater emotion than love and no greater sorrow than loss. But you must try to move on, getting over the relationship similar to how you mourn a death.

"People do not die from suicide, they die from sadness" -Anonymous

I'm not sure where the love goes when it ends, but there is a deep ache left in its place. You never realized how powerful a person was until he or she has left you so broken and alone.

There are only so many things your friends and family can help you with. This is a healing process that only you can endure, alone. You must learn to live with the pain and find ways to decrease the deep aching in the very depths of your bones. There is no sure way to get over a love, but there are ways to try and make life a little more tolerable.

Let Yourself Mourn

Give yourself a period of time to feel sad. It's important to wallow in the pain, to let it overcome you, because only after you have accepted it and understood it, can you get rid of it. Let yourself bask in the despair.

Get Drunk

It's morphine for the soul. The only thing that will help you get through the initial days of the breakup is getting drunk. You must numb yourself through the first night, because sleeping alone will become a very scary and intolerable feat. Let the alcohol bring all the toxins to the surface.

Get Rid Of Social Media

Whether you delete your Facebook or block them, it's important that you sever those cyber ties and cut off all contact. You are not friends anymore, you don't know this person anymore. They are dead to you. Only emotional cutters will allow themselves to watch the new life of an ex.

Take Up Exercise

Every time you feel yourself getting upset or thinking about it, get in the habit of putting on sneakers and running it out. There is nothing that will clear your mind more than running. Start finding something to channel your pain, turning it into a more raw physical type of aching.

Throw Yourself Into Work

Your work should become your new relationship. It's stable, comfortable and now you have the time to give it more attention. Let it envelop you, take up all your free time and your energy. Let it wear you out so that when you get home you don't have time to remember the pain.

Gather Friends

Start hanging out with your friends more, use them as crutches. They are a good distraction even if they can never truly stop the pain. They will be able to take your mind off it, maybe.

Find A Hobby

Now is the time to start making yourself into a better person. You must learn to grow from this pain and that involves finding things to fill the time you would have been spending in the relationship. Do all the things you never had time for before. But more importantly, renew yourself.

Look For Simple Beauties

Let this pain cleanse you and open you to a new world. You have been through one of the most painful experiences you will ever know and with that comes compassion and a deeper level of understanding the world. Start looking at things differently, appreciating the small parts of life.

Find Someone Else

It's not fair to bring your pain into a new relationship. But once you have begun healing and the pain becomes a more distant ache, it's time to find someone else. It really does take loving someone else to get over a first love.

Time Heals All Wounds

Let time take its course and slowly heal you...because in the end, that's all you can do.

Top Photo Courtesy Of: Tumblr