'What If' Syndrome: Why You Need To Live Your Life Without Fear Of The Possibilities

If you are anything like me, you're probably an awful decision maker because you are always faced with the dreaded question, "What if?"

Whether you are trying to decide whether or not to take a trip across the Atlantic Ocean or if you should try a new dish at your favorite restaurant, you always think of the negative things that could take place. In reality, these thoughts are pretty unrealistic and are most likely never going to happen.

By asking yourself these pessimistic "what ifs," you are letting the possibility that something may go wrong interrupt your reality and rational thinking.

You will turn down chances to pursue different opportunities of travel and adventure because you are always worried that something won't go as planned. These thoughts will fill you with frustration and regret.

Believe me, I'm guilty of the "what if" syndrome. Before every task I'm given, I ask myself what kind of possible consequences could arise.

If I am given a choice, I always find myself thinking about the worst-case scenario attached to each choice. I've always justified it as me being careful, but in reality, it's me being irrational and worrisome when I shouldn't be.

So what if something doesn't go as planned? Sometimes events that take an unexpected turn can make the adventure you're on even better, and you can learn from any loose ends.

By asking, "What if?" you are also putting whatever situation or decision you are being faced with in a negative light, while there are likely many uplifting aspects to the journey or event you are about to partake in. Why not focus on those, instead?

Turn the negative questions into positive ones. Ask yourself, "What if I have a blast on this trip?" or "What if I end up loving this food?" By questioning the choices you are being faced with using wishful thinking, you are bound to have a better attitude toward the situation, along with an open mind that is thirsty for adventure and void of doubt.  

So take the chance, buy the ticket and order food that's completely out of your comfort zone. If it doesn't go as planned, so be it. I'm sure you'll learn something from the outcome, regardless of what it is.

Why question the bad things that might happen? Why not question the positive things that can take place, instead? You will automatically feel inspired and a new world of opportunities will arise.

Take it from me, a recovering patient of the "what if" syndrome. Don't waste your life away by asking yourself what can go wrong. Start focusing on everything that can go right.

Photo via Tumblr