Why Cynicism Is The Root Of All Of Gen-Y's Problems

Has cynicism become a rampant disease among Generation-Y? We’ve all experienced a feeling of dread whenever someone we label as “unworthy,” gains something positive. Whether it’s a job, a relationship, or an award we cast, these people and their achievements cancel out as minuscule. But what we gain from basking off of someone’s deficiencies does not equal what we lose. So much is lost when cynicism floods our lives, and in order to positively change, Generation-Y must address and be aware of these changes.


When so much anger is focused on an individual’s progress, that frustration lingers like a hangover. True happiness doesn’t have to be rare, and when it comes around, it should be cherished. Every strand of joy is crushed when our lives are centered on hating others and their attributes. Joyfulness is something that we have control of, and we cannot let others or their accomplishments impede our happiness.


Time is uncontrollable and being cynical can consume our minds for days, months, and sometimes years. Cynicism doesn’t allow Generation-Y to make strides into the future; instead, it leaves us prisoners of the past. We have to remember that our time is ours, and using that time positively is more fulfilling than wasting time pointing out the flaws of others, their shortcomings, or their imperfections.

Future and Current Friends

Everyone likes positivity, but when negativity is displayed, it leaves a bad taste in everyone’s mouth. No one wants to be around someone who talks poorly about everyone and their talents. People will not want to be around you, and people who have put up with it will eventually get fed up. Great friends are lost when cynicism runs our lives, but one encouraging comment can bring about change. Those encouraging comments will bring Gen-Yers long lasting friendships and even some new ones.


When our lives become an outlet for cynicism, every individual idiosyncrasy that makes us unique collapses. A miserable existence will only lead to a gloomy outlook of our surroundings. Cynicism turns individuals into a product of anger. Generation-Y must remember that no matter what, we should always chose to be positive.

Cynicism may be a disease that fills the lives of Gen-Yers, but it doesn’t have to be. A negative can always be turned into a positive, and we need to accept that anger towards others will only cause harm. That acceptance will cause good things to happen.

Top Photo Courtesy: Tumblr