It'll Only Cost You $25 To Have This 'Hotline Bling' Holiday Sweater (Photos)

Let's address the subject on everyone's mind this time of year: holiday sweaters.

Holiday sweaters are a classic Christmas staple, outfitting even the most Jewish of Christmas party-goers every year during the holiday season.

Have you thought about your go-to holiday gear this year?

Because no, you may not recycle that old, pilled-up, unfunny sweater everyone's seen you wear to ugly sweater parties for the last five years. That sweater has had its moment. Retire that sweater. You no longer need that sweater.

This year, command all the attention at all the ugly sweater parties for years of ugly sweater parties to come with the "Hotline Bling" sweater.

Feast your hungry eyes on Holiday Bling.

The Yetee

What may look like a knit sweater is actually not a sweater, but rather, a print on a very cozy sweatshirt.

You know what that means: Not only will you be the flyest motherf*cker at the party this year, but also the most comfortable.

The Yetee

This sweatshirt is the latest in streetwear that doubles as a conversation piece, and it also moonlights as a pick-up tool. With Drake cutting a rug on your chest, you bet your ass you're filling up that Booty Call Rolodex for 2016.

Your very own Holiday Bling sweater will run you the low, low cost of $25. Sales end November 6.

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