It's A Lifestyle: 9 Reasons I'll Never Stop Being A Hot Mess

by Alexis DiZenzo

Having your life in order just isn't an option. You can barely make it to work on time in the morning, and your mother jokes you are going to be late to your own wedding someday.

Everyone has his or her moments of being a mess, but being a hot mess 24/7 is a different story. No one seems to understand why everything from your room and your outfit to your life is a mess, and you can never seem to escape being referred to as a "hot mess."

At least people still think you're still hot, right? Here are nine signs you might be a hot mess:

1. You are at least 10 minutes late for everything.

You're late for girls' night out, for coffee, for shopping, for your nail and hair appointments: absolutely everything. Your friends have to tell you plans are set a half hour earlier than they actually are, just so you don't show up after dinner has already been served.

2. You can't seem to remember the last time you did laundry, so picking out an outfit is another daily disaster.

Sometimes, you have to wear the same pair of pants or the same shirt a few days in a row and hope that nobody notices. You can't seem to find time in the day to get your life together, so when would you possibly have time to do laundry?

3. Your room is a mess. This is similar to the state of your life.

Laundry is thrown everywhere because you are always rushing to get ready. There are empty water bottles all over the place, and makeup remover wipes laced with mascara from the night before line the floor. Again, you would be a few days late in life if you tried to stop and clean that disaster.

4. You never seem to know what day it is, and you are always that person in class who says, "Sh*t, that was due today?"

You are always either two days behind or a day ahead of yourself. Deadlines are deadly to you because you can barely keep track of the time, let alone when six different papers are due.

5. You cannot remember the last time you washed your hair.

"Dry shampoo and go" is your motto. Again, you don't have time to clean your room, do laundry or make food, so how would you have time to wash, blow dry and curl a full head of hair?

Of course you wouldn't remember.

6. When life becomes too messy, you resort to taking a nap. Then, you oversleep, which leads to a bigger mess.

The best way to avoid anyone or anything is by just closing your eyes, laying down with a nice fuzzy blanket and going to sleep.

Things should be less messy when you wake up. (Just kidding.)

7. You can never seem to remember the simplest things, like what you ate for breakfast in the morning or what you did the night before.

OK, so if you don't remember what you did the night before, we will let not that slide. The same goes if you can't remember what you ate for breakfast not even a day ago.

8. Your phone screen is always cracked.

You're not sure whether it's you who takes more falls, or whether your phone does. But your phone screen is never in one piece.

You know you're turning into a bigger mess when the cracks get bigger and bigger, turning into more and more tiny cracks that branch off each other.

9. You always seem to stain your shirts.

That morning Starbucks coffee does not look good on a white shirt. This is why you never can wear white or light colors.

If it's not a coffee stain on your shirt, it's either deodorant or some other strange substance you've never seen before.