18 Holiday Gift Ideas For The World Traveler In Your Life

Let’s be honest here: We, the travelers, are not the easiest people to buy gifts for.

Even if we happen to spend holiday time together with our loved ones, our wanderlust lifestyle has made us live in our own bubbles.

We are hung somewhere between our old, normal life and the adventures out in the world.

We are most likely minimalists, or at least very clear about the stuff we want to keep in our lives.

We usually don’t follow pop culture or watch TV shows.

More often than not, we couldn’t care less about the complete DVD set of "Game Of Thrones."

On top of that, our family and friends don’t get to see us on a regular basis and can’t always keep up with the things we like and don’t like anymore.

Indeed, we didn’t get a chance to tell them we turned vegetarian after this horrifying experience in Vietnam earlier this year until Mom brought out turkey at the Thanksgiving table.

There are a few things we could use, but we're probably not even around or have no cell service to tell you about our letter to Santa.

Regardless of where you are in the world, do yourself a favor and save your loved ones the stress of looking around.

Just scroll through the list below to see these awesome gift ideas any traveler could use, and share the list on your social media alongside your favorite item’s number.

I’m sure they — I mean, Santa — will get the hint.

1. Polaroid Zip

While the original Polaroid camera used to be a lot of fun, limited luggage space does not always allow us to pack another camera.

Polaroid Zip is a light, portable printer that prints photos directly from your smartphone.

The pictures are smudge-proof and have a sticky back, to make it even easier to leave a memory with your travel companions.

Price: $129

2. Travel Journal

A handmade leather travel journal will make you feel like Christopher Columbus when you're writing down all the details of your last adventure.

Price: $55

3. Selfie-Stick And Tripod In One

You most probably already own a selfie stick.

However, InnoGear can also turn into a tripod for more diverse photo angles.

This is a perfect travel companion, especially when you travel solo.

Price: $22

4. Miles

All travelers usually have at least one airline they are frequent flyers with.

While gifting a trip might be a little risky, you can never go wrong when gifting someone with miles.

5. Smartphone Juice Pack With Storage

When on the road, your smartphone battery drains even faster because it's looking for service or taking too many photos.

While portable battery chargers are great, they often get misplaced in your luggage or even taken away at airport security.

Smartphone juice packs like the ones from Mophie can double your battery life, which is almost always enough for a day out and about.

Since the battery packs are already attached to your phone, you don’t need to worry about losing them.

What’s even better is a lot of them come with up to 64 GB of external storage for all these potential Instagram photos.

This device can also act as a waterproof cover for your phone.

Price: Starting at $59

6. Scratch Off Where You've Been Wall Map

Keep track of all your travels and get inspired about where to go next with this fun "scratch off where you’ve been" wall map.

This pin-free decor piece is a great addition to any traveler’s pad and a fantastic conversation-starter when hosting guests.

Price: Starting at $20.

7. GlocalMe Portable Hotspot

Want to stay in touch with your loved ones?

GlocalMe must be one of the most useful and life-saving devices I have ever used.

I no longer spend my holidays looking for free WiFi.

GlocalMe is a portable, global WiFi hotspot with free roaming and worldwide, SIM-free Internet access.

It can assign different carriers' data traffic to you automatically, based on your location.

It can provide 4G WiFi for a very reasonable price.

It can also be used as an ethernet router and portable battery.

It is thanks to GlocalMe that I was able to get an Uber in Beijing, check my email on a beach in Thailand and find my way home in rural Mexico with Google Maps.

Price: $69

8. REI Gift Card

I don't know many travelers who like shopping, but all the travelers I know like shopping at REI.

Be the best gift-giver in town for almost zero effort. You can buy REI gift cards online.

Price: Varies

9. Noise-Canceling Headphones

Travelers might have a reputation of always being rested and having endless fun.

But in reality, we all know it’s often far from the truth.

Getting sleep on an intercontinental flight is crucial, but it's often difficult.

Noise-canceling headphones are my go-to solution for getting some rest in the air or watching those latest releases with quality sound.

Bose QuietComfort 25 Acoustic have been recently voted the best ones on the market, and they come in multiple colors to please all stylish travel addicts.

Price: $299

10. Unique Passport Cover

A passport must be one of the most important items for any traveler out there.

Why not protect the precious stamps and make the passport stand out at the same time?

These leather passport covers with travel quotes from Etsy are a fantastic and original idea, but still affordable.

Price: Starting at $27

11. Pocket Hammock

Want to spoil yourself while on the road?

Perhaps a lightweight, mesh pocket hammock will do the trick.

Imagine showing up on a secluded beach and hanging your own hammock between the palm trees.

Get ready to enjoy the rocking bliss.

Price: Starting at $15

12. Bluetooth Tracker

Are you one of those people who checks his or her hotel room multiple times and still leaves something behind?

Are you worried someone will steal your valuable camera?

Attach a tiny bluetooth tracker called Tile, and you will be able to locate lost items within seconds.

It can even make your phone ring if it’s set to silent.

Apparently, the little device was able to find stolen cars and cameras that had already made their way abroad.

Price: $25

13. A 360-Degree Camera

Want your photos to stand out even more on your friends’ Facebook News Feeds?

Take advantage of the new Facebook feature that allows 360-degree video, and invest in Bublcam.

This camera is able to capture 100 percent of the spherical range in photos and video without any blindspots (which is beyond the usual 360-degree angle).

You can also control and livestream footage from your bubble-shaped camera via the mobile app.

Your friends will get to choose exactly what they want to see.

Price: $799

14. Travel Guide

Need some inspiration when planning your next adventure?

Want to know as much as possible about your next destinations?

There is no better travel guide on the market than Lonely Planet.

Not only does it have guide books available for every country, there is also a "Lonely Planet’s Guide To The World."

This guide to literally the entire planet contains A to Z descriptions of every country and the most essential facts and tips you need to know before you visit.

I call it a traveler’s Bible.

Price: $30

15. Travel Magazine Subscription

If big guide books are not quite your thing, perhaps a yearly subscription to the one and only National Geographic will keep you curious and inspired.

For only $12 for digital and $15 for print a year, you will get a dose of breathtaking photos and interesting articles delivered to your door monthly.

Price: Varies

(Photo credit: National Geographic)

16. Carry-On Cocktail Kit

Regardless of how many stamps are in our passports, some of us still get a little nervous before taking off.

Perhaps a carry-on gin and tonic or champagne cocktail kit by W&P Design can become your best friend.

Price: $24

17. Indestructible Map

There is no doubt maps are necessities when visiting new cities, but they make us look like tourists.

They also often get torn and wet (hence hard to read).

Crumpled City Maps by Palomar are indestructible and waterproof, not to mention you can crush them into a ball and just chuck ‘em in a pocket.

Price: $15

18. GPS Smartwatch

If your adventures are usually off the beaten path where no map will be of help, consider the Garmin Epix smartwatch.

You can load it up with up to 8 GB of maps, and the high-resolution color touchscreen will help you find your way literally in the middle of nowhere.

It also includes an altimeter, a barometer and a three-axis compass.

Price: $550

Whats the best travel-related gift you've ever gotten?