Aggie Lal

Hi, I'm Aggie and I am a traveler. I sailed across the Pacific (without any prior sailing experience), lived in a Zulu village in Africa and studied on 3 different continents - Brazil, Australia and Poland. I'm a Polish girl living in LA, however it is Australia that I spent most of my adult life. I used to be a TV host, starred in TV commercials and have worked in TV and film production including MTV Networks Europe and the recent Aaron Paul movie. They say 'be the change you want to see in the world' so I travel, trying to inspire people to do the same, one journey at a time. I'm a nature-addict, sailor, runner, dog lover, inner peace seeker and an avid hiker, but most of all - I love people and I love story telling. I collect stories everywhere I go. Apart from my passion for traveling, I share with youtube subscribers my daily life - favorite books, inspirations, recipes and tiny beautiful moments of love and laughter (otherwise known as vlogs) with my husband Michael, my dog Peanut Butter and cat Jelly Bean. Meet me at Instagram so we can chat more about travel and life! @travel_inhershoes. My travel blogs are at Youtube: Aggie Lal In Her Shoes