8 Things You Can Do This Weekend When Hermine Ruins Your Beach Plans

Tropical storm Hermine is coming up the east coast this weekend, and it's likely to wipe out your Labor Day weekend plans if you're in its path.

Many of the beaches on the east coast are either on watch or totally shut down – I'm looking at you, New York City beaches on Sunday – as the population braces for the storm to hit.

But just because you can't go to the beach, that doesn't mean you can't have a lit Labor Day weekend.

If you're close to Hermine's path, make sure you're prepped with candles, flashlights and bottled water... just in case. You will probably also want to stock up on alcohol if you haven't done so already.

With all that prepped, here are some ideas of things you can do instead of going to the beach:

1. Make a drinking game out of a board game.

Pull out your old Clue or Guess Who? board and a bottle of whiskey. Any time you make a wrong guess, you have to drink.

Pull out your old The Game of Life board. Every time you reach a milestone that your 8-year-old self thought you would have by now, have a drink.

Get creative.

2. There are tons of new movies on Netflix.

What a great weekend to be stuck inside. It's a new month, which means new movies have been added to Netflix.

You can check out "The Amityville Horror" and freak yourself out, or you can go a little lighter with "Footloose." You can also watch the newly added "Jaws" trilogy, which seems really appropriate for the storm.

Added bonus: Drink every time someone gets bitten.

3. Your flashlights will be handy, so create a shadow puppet show.

It's only weird if you make it weird, man. Bonus points if you make it a musical: Your Snapchat story will be incredible.

You can also do this "Drunk History" style, and try to recreate your favorite movie in shadow puppet form.

4. Play mafia.

As I'm a southern Italian, this game name is a little offensive, fam. But you can't deny that it's also super, super fun.

It also has a lot of rules that you should probably memorize now, before your power goes out. It'll also probably be more fun now that you're not 14 years old anymore, and can therefore drink alcohol.

5. Make a blanket fort for yourself.

Honestly, why haven't you already done this? You can bring alcohol in there.

6. Make a blanket fort for your dog.

Dogs hate storms. Be a good boy and make it better for your dog.

Do not give your dog alcohol.

7. Create art.

With the power out, you won't have too much to occupy your brain with. This means you will be more creative.

Put that to good use and become the Picasso you always knew you could be.

Fingerpaint, make Play-Doh structures, give each other prompts and start drawing. Also, you can drink while doing this.

8. Bone.


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